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Simplifying Taking Food To Others

I’ll never forget the blessing of a dear friend standing at my door with a hot, homecooked meal in her arms. My husband had just had surgery and I was overwhelmed with his care. This sweet friend had called to tell me she was bringing me supper. One day last year my daughter brought a delicious chicken casserole when Covid came knocking at our door. There have been countless times when a meal delivered was like seeing the Lord’s hands comforting and consoling us. Those meals not only touched our stomachs; more importantly, they touched our hearts.

Our church has an on-line sign-up list, called Meal Train that helps in caring for people who would be helped by having some food delivered to them. The app makes it super easy to sign up, know what others are bringing the one in need (so they don’t eat spaghetti three times in a row!), and it will also send an email to you so you won’t forget the date you volunteered.

A while back, I volunteered to take a meal to a family that had a new baby in their home. There were other children, ranging in ages, and I wanted to make a meal that would be enjoyed by ALL. When I put the menu together, I decided this would probably be my “go-to” Meal Train meal from now on. It seemed like it covered all the bases. It had protein, vegetable, comfort food and a healthy salad. Here’s what I made:

Sloppy Joes
Mac and Cheese
Triple Bean Bake
Broccoli Salad

I put the food in aluminum tins that would not need to be returned. The meal could also be reheated in the oven in those containers. I already had the cookies baked and in my freezer, so that part was done ahead of time. I packed them up in a cute bakery bag with a tie. The whole meal came together in an hour, which I felt like was so doable and easy!

I documented this on a note on my phone so next time I need to sign up for a meal, there will be no need to scroll through recipes and plan a menu.

I’d encourage you as you consider providing a meal for a family to:

  1. Check with the family for any food allergies. (My main menu could be served to GF families if you purchase GF buns, or just eat the meat plain.) Yay!
  2. Find a menu that “works” for all family types.
  3. Purchase inexpensive containers that don’t need to be returned.
  4. Make a note of that meal and make that your “Go-to”.

These little tips will help you to be a blessing to others on the spur of a moment. You’re delivering love and comfort, along with that delicious food!

Do you already have a meal that you make on repeat for families in need? I’d love for you to share it here for others to glean from!

Refresh others with a comforting meal!

2 thoughts on “Simplifying Taking Food To Others

  1. Agree wholeheartedly with the suggestion of having a go-to meal because then you can even keep the ingredients on hand so you are always ready. One of my favorite go-to meals for taking to others is chicken casserole, biscuits or rolls, salad, and chocolate-chip cookies.


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