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Making a Birthday the BEST Day

Birthdays aren’t just ordinary days, they are to be celebrated! Just how do you make someone’s day the BEST day for them?

Make them their favorite breakfast.
Even if the fare is simple, it’s special when it’s delivered on a tray! My favorite breakfast is either French Toast or Homemade Waffles. That warm syrup dripping down over the golden crispy bread is almost better than birthday cake! Dale has perfected his cooking skills over the years, and breakfast is his best meal! Tip – I try to keep my fridge and freezer stocked with cooked bacon, homemade waffles, fresh bread and fruits. It makes it easy for me to fix our morning meal, but when my husband wants to serve me in that way, it makes it super simple for him. It’s a win-win!

Go on some kind of excursion.
Last week Dale took me to Mt. Airy, NC. Our favorite show is Andy Griffith, so it was fun to get all the feels from the show and its characters in this adorable little town.

Sprinkle special treats all through the day.
We ate a late breakfast on my birthday, so we skipped lunch and opted for just dessert! That cannot be a bad thing! One of my favorite desserts is ice cream, so we shared a warm apple and caramel dessert, topped with frozen custard. It was so delicious!

Just have fun! I think it’s especially important to do something different than you normally do on a daily basis. My birthday fell on a Sunday – a busy day for us, so I suggested we celebrate a couple days early. It gave us the opportunity to have time together, time to be leisure, and time to enjoy the day.

Birthdays are special gifts from the Lord’s hands. Every day is another day to be in awe of Him, to live your life for Him and to celebrate the gifts of both physical and eternal life, through Christ!

How do you celebrate birthdays? Do you need to refresh someone else’s day to honor them? I hope these simple ideas will help you know what you can do to make it special!

Another year older,

6 thoughts on “Making a Birthday the BEST Day

  1. That looks like a fun day!! Birthdays are definitely special days! We had a trip planned to NC this summer and we were going to take our kids to Mt. Airy one day for the Mayberry exhibits (LOVE that show!). Unfortunately, my husband got sick and we had to cancel. So, we’ll just look forward to going another time. Happy belated birthday, Denise!! 🥳


  2. Main Street in Mt. Airy is one of my favorite places! I’m glad you were able to go. I’ve never been in that custard place; we’ll have to try that sometime. Dale’s picture made me laugh. I was going to say he could pass for Andy, but I guess he really looks like Barney making a call to the diner. I’m so glad you were loved and celebrated for your birthday!


    1. When Dale sat at the desk in the sheriff’s office, I thought of Barney calling Juanita at the diner and saying, “cock-a-doodle-doo!” Too funny! The custard place is called, Whits. Yummy!!


  3. Thanks for another great travel idea. We love Andy Griffith Show, and this is right up our alley, and not too far away. This would be a fun trip for my family. I’m originally from N.C., but have never thought to do this. Love your photos!!!


    1. Oh, yes! If you’re fans of AG, you need to put this trip on your bucket list! They actually have “Mayberry Days” where all the events in town are centered around the show. That would be the BEST time to visit!


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