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Nothing Makes Me Happier

A couple times this week I’ve heard someone say,

Nothing makes me happier than…

One person said showing women how to fix their own hair makes her happiest. Another said giving blood brings her the most joy. It made me stop and ask myself, “What gives me the greatest happiness?”

As I was thinking on that question I was preparing to go and speak at a Ladies’ conference. Oh, how I loved digging into God’s Word and mining out its truths! How I loved praying for the women that would attend the conference. How blown away I was at the privilege to stand before the group of women and tell them about the awesome love of God! This indeed makes me happy – following and doing the will of God.

The day following the Ladies’ conference, I celebrated a birthday, but I didn’t just turn a year older physically. It was also my spiritual birthday. I love when my birthday falls on a Sunday, because on my eighth birthday, I went to Sunday school and heard the Gospel and trusted Christ with the guidance of my Sunday school teacher. Now, all these years later, I got to go and serve the Lord on the weekend of my birthday! That day I trusted Him, I gave myself to the Lord. I had no idea what that would look like, and it blows me away that I have the blessing of serving Him. It’s such a joy and privilege.

Today is a “normal” day. Laundry, meals, dust and dirty sinks will await my attention. My husband will be doing life beside me. He will have burdens to share and needs to be met. My family will have joys and sorrows that no one else in the world will hear but me. My fellow-church members will have cares to be prayed for and heartaches needing encouragement. People shopping beside me, living next door to me and serving me in public places will have the need for the Gospel. In each of these scenarios, I will have the blessing of serving the Lord and it will give me the greatest joy.

The only thing that steals that joy is when I don’t serve God in those opportunities. When I’m too busy, too distracted, too selfish, too absorbed in my plans to notice that the chance to be a voice for Deity is before me, I miss the blessing of doing what I know will give me the greatest joy! While I love teaching women, I realize that it isn’t only in the public places that God requires our service, but it’s in the day-to-day callings, too. We have the greatest joy of serving the King of Kings in our homes and in our daily routines of life.

How about you? Do you see all the great opportunities before you to serve God? Is it your highest privilege and greatest joy? Let’s not miss those moments that God brings to us to serve Him, and let’s not be distracted into thinking that anything could give us greater joy.

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