Fall · seasonal decor

Happy Fall 2022!

Yesterday, the first day of fall found me riding the highways of New England where we spotted trees topped with hues of reds and yellows. The brisk temps, hovering in the low 60’s for the high, were both invigorating and welcomed.

We are here for the weekend while I am privileged to speak at a ladies’ retreat at The Wilds of New England. We opted to drive and enjoy “The scenic route,” and also avoid the less than reliable flight schedules.

My husband wisely decided we should split the trip up to make it less tiring. It made it much easier to bear! The first day was a12-hour day with stops. The second day was about nine hours. We do plenty of stopping for walking and coffee breaks. Study of my notes, books, and the states’ scenery kept me occupied while my husband guided us to New Hampshire, avoiding the “big cities” and over-crowded interstates.

Meanwhile back home in Tennessee, it is less colorful, but fall nonetheless. Last weekend we went to a local pumpkin barn to choose some pumpkins for our fall decor.

I have also pulled out my fall dessert plates, cloth napkins, and dish towels Aromatic candles and fuzzy, warm throws have been enjoyed already as our own temps have dipped in the evenings. Coolness wrapped around the back porch while the sun has slipped behind the horizon earlier and earlier.

I try to appeal to all the senses when i add seasonal decor. Those fall baking aromas, plush blankets, fuzzy pillow covers, steaming cups of coffee and flickering candles all enhance the inviting season of autumn.

God is always active; always creating. I’m in awe of His handiwork in each season. While most of us don’t like things in our lives to change, our wise God allows it over and over again. We learn to trust Him and know He is good and can only do good. In the fall we seem to really appreciate just how awesome He is!

What do your love most about fall?

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