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My Awesome God On Display

This month has been very full and very busy. It’s easy at times like this to get focused on all the happenings, on my fatigue, or the hardships, and overlook all the wonders of my God. When I stopped to consider what He has done, I came up with quite a list!

With the splendor of fall’s colors at every turn, I’ve certainly seen His beauty, His Creative hand, and His majesty!

I’ve also seen God’s providence. After being with my parents for seven days, I came home and my heart wanted to stay there. But in God’s providence, He had my husband scheduled to speak at the Senior Adult Conference at The Wilds of North Carolina. More than wanting to be home, I wanted to be there to support Dale in the ministry that God has called him to. So, we happily packed our bags and headed south on Tuesday. God knew exactly what I really needed. If you’ve ever had the blessing of attending camp at The Wilds, you know what refreshment it brings to your heart and life. When we arrived, we had already been “Ooo-ing” and “Ahhh-ing” over the fall colors, but the campsite was breathtaking.

Before the first meal, we were invited to take a selfie at this cute display.

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Fall Touches Around My Home

Rather than inundating my rooms with pumpkins and fall foliage, I’m only adding a few touches of fall around my home right now. I’m really trying to just pick out of my own resources things that are fall colors, textures and fragrances. I love the Yankee candle pictured above. It’s Sweet Maple Chai and smells just like fall.

The candle sits on my kitchen counter and beside it is my tiered stand. I keep a salt pillar in there for my cooking. I chose my orange Fiesta ware cup, to add another touch of fall and it sits beside a tiny ceramic pumpkin. This is an example of using my daily dishes and accents that just happen to be the right color!

I love this mint plant because it looks so realistic. The green against the colors of the orange cup and pumpkin are perfect for this time of year since there’s plenty of green still in our yards.

Of course my chalkboards are some of my favorite ways to “decorate” for any season!

The bike drawing below was done for summer,e but I loved it so much that I decided to just change out the colors of the flowers in the basket and add some fall leaves all around.

My mantle has a branch of bittersweet and a little pumpkin. The taper candles’ jewel tone also speaks of autumn.

Fall wreaths welcome our guests and also the family who come in through the garage door (in the next photo).

My sweet husband brought me yellow roses this week “to go along with my fall decor.” Love him!

I’ll still be adding a little more in the way of throws and pillows, but that’s about it! Simplicity is the name of my game this year! I’m holding out for Christmas, which is just around the corner!

Refresh your fall decor with colors and textures,