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My Awesome God On Display

This month has been very full and very busy. It’s easy at times like this to get focused on all the happenings, on my fatigue, or the hardships, and overlook all the wonders of my God. When I stopped to consider what He has done, I came up with quite a list!

With the splendor of fall’s colors at every turn, I’ve certainly seen His beauty, His Creative hand, and His majesty!

I’ve also seen God’s providence. After being with my parents for seven days, I came home and my heart wanted to stay there. But in God’s providence, He had my husband scheduled to speak at the Senior Adult Conference at The Wilds of North Carolina. More than wanting to be home, I wanted to be there to support Dale in the ministry that God has called him to. So, we happily packed our bags and headed south on Tuesday. God knew exactly what I really needed. If you’ve ever had the blessing of attending camp at The Wilds, you know what refreshment it brings to your heart and life. When we arrived, we had already been “Ooo-ing” and “Ahhh-ing” over the fall colors, but the campsite was breathtaking.

Before the first meal, we were invited to take a selfie at this cute display.

My husband preached six times since Tuesday evening and stayed in Psalm 92 all week. He has encouraged our hearts to be Flourishing in the Fall of life. He said,

“No, senior citizens aren’t in the ‘winter.’ In the winter things die! You’re alive, aren’t you? You’re in the fall season, and you can and should be flourishing spiritually!”

Dale loves to sing, and throughout each session, he has broken out in song, asking the crowd to join him as we sang songs pertinent to the subject matter. Our hearts have overflowed as we have praised our great God for Who He is!

After supper one evening, the sun was putting this row of trees on display as though they had been plugged in! Pointing at the magnificence in the parking lot I shouted, “Look what God just did!” What a God!

I had the blessing of spending several hours one afternoon at the lake seated on a swing. With Bible, note pad and pen on my lap, I was in awe of His Word, and also the reflection of the color in the lake’s waters.

At every turn, God puts His handiwork on display so we can be in awe of Him!

We had the blessing of getting to fellowship with dear friends we’ve known for years, and also new friends we met just this week. How encouraging to share the love of Christ, to listen, to care, to pray and worship together. My heart was so enriched by the people I bumped into all week. God put them in my path. I’m in awe of how He allows us this kind of fellowship here, and I wonder at the joy it will be in heaven!!

A trip to The Wilds of North Carolina always include times of laughter. Willie Partin is a favorite of all of ours. He was good medicine for me as I got to see his “inventions skit” once again. Thank you, Lord, for laughter!

So many of you have inquired about my dad and how he’s doing. Well, there again, we are seeing our great God’s omnipotence, mercy and compassion. He is doing much better right now, and we are rejoicing! He’s been home from the hospital about a week and a half, and while there have been some bumps, things are smoothing out. We’ve had the blessing of some really great home health nurses who have answered questions, given helpful suggestions and been there at some critical moments. How kind of the Lord to hear our cries on behalf of my precious dad. Thank you to all who have prayed for him. Don’t stop!

Tell me how you’ve seen the character of God on display this week. He’s at work all around us; we have to be on the lookout so we won’t miss it. The blessing is, when we recognize His work, our focus is changed and encouraged!

Get refreshed at a Bible preaching church this week. If you’ve in our area, we’d love to see you at Boones Creek Bible Church!

I’m excited to announce the my podcast is now on Apple podcasts and Spotify. You can subscribe there so you won’t miss an episode. You can sign up here to be notified by email when a new podcast is uploaded. Thew newest podcast, The Roller Coaster of Motherhood, was aired today and you can listen here.

4 thoughts on “My Awesome God On Display

  1. Such a sweet post, Denise! 🥰 I’m thankful to hear your dad is doing better and that God gave you and your husband a great conference together. Those trees! Oh my, what gorgeous photos!


    1. Thank you so much. My dad‘s situation seems to change daily, but we rest in the grace of God.
      This autumn has just been spectacular. God‘s awesome, creative hand has been on display everywhere!

      Liked by 1 person

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