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Last week we headed out on a VERY long road trip. We traveled from Tennessee to New Hampshire where I was blessed to speak at the Ladies’ Retreat at The Wilds of New England. My husband wisely decided we should take two days to get there and two to return. The trip was fabulous. We saw some color just getting ready to peak in the next couple of weeks. We saw rivers, Cape Cod homes, mountains, quaint New England towns, and of course the beautiful campsite at The Wilds.

I met some incredible women! These ladies were precious. They opened their hearts and drank in the Word of God as it was taught. They encouraged my heart so richly! The staff at camp are dear friends, and we loved getting to spend time with them. There were only blessings upon blessings, but you know what? After four days away and then two more days ahead of us to travel, I began to really miss home! I found myself thinking about it, and so anxious to return. Perhaps it was because we were so far away, I’m not sure, but I was very anxious at the end of the 1,912 miles to pull into our driveway!

As I unpacked and got settled in to sleep in my own bed (ahh!), it struck me, that though I am in my home, I am still not home yet.

My real home awaits me in heaven.

But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Philippians 3:20

As we drove the last leg of our trip, the sun was setting and God was painting an incredible view in front of our eyes! Though I was looking at the western sky, I couldn’t help but think about Christ’s return for His children in the rapture of the Church. He’s coming in the clouds for us! Looking at the sun set in the horizon made me anticipate heaven and long to be there with Christ!

Friends, if you know Christ as your Savior, let your heart get homesick for heaven. Think about being face to face with Jesus! Read about what it will be like to be there! Our homes here give us comfort and rest, but our home in heaven will be beyond our imagination.

When all the burdens of life press in on you today, lift your eyes heavenward and remember, you’re not home yet!

If you’re not sure of a home in heaven, be sure that Christ loves you and died so you could be with Him forever. May I encourage you to read this?

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