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Discovering My Spiritual Gift (s)

I have a friend who is the best person at giving gifts! She just has such a knack at knowing what people would enjoy! She’s creative, on-time, and right on target with the needs of the receiver. It just seems so easy for her.

If you’ve ever been to the home of another one of my friends at our church, you’ll see hospitality being displayed in such an effortless way. She welcomes with her heart before you even enter the doorway of her house. As a matter of fact, if you see her at church, you sense that warm hospitable heart in the aisle and pew. It’s not about the food she makes or the home in which she lives; it’s her spirit. Everyone feels so accepted and loved by her. I just don’t know how she does it!

The truth is I really do know how these ladies do what they do…it’s through the enabling of God’s Spirit!  He has gifted them with their spiritual gifts – the first with the gift of Giving, the second with the gift of hospitality.  And oh, how well they both use their gifts!

At the point of salvation, God gives every believer at least one (and perhaps more than one) spiritual gift.

I Corinthians 12:7  

But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.

Matthew Henry says that spiritual gifts were not distributed for the mere honor and advantage of those who had them, but for the benefit of the church, to edify the body, and spread and advance the gospel. We are given a spiritual gift so that we can honor the Lord and the Church  and spread the Gospel.  We cannot boast about how good we give or serve – it is a grace gift by our loving God to be used for His glory!

Do you know what your gift is?  Here are some suggestions about how to discover your gift:

  1. Pay attention. Notice the things that energize you and seem to come naturally.  To ask one person to teach a class would be like asking them to part the Red Sea – it seems impossible!  But for someone who has been gifted in that area, they will be excited and thrilled at the opportunity!
  2. Try. Once you’ve gathered enough information to create a list of some possible gifts (perhaps gifts of mercy, evangelism, encouragement, or hospitality), exercise your options.  Volunteer for a short period to help in a ministry using the gift you believe God has given you.  If it’s obvious that this is not your gift, try something else.
  3. Ask.  Ask people who are close to you what they see as your spiritual gift(s).  It sometimes easier for others to see what comes easy for us and God’s equipping us.  Ask God in prayer what gift He has given you!
  4. Develop. In 2 Timothy 1:6, the apostle Paul encourages Timothy to “fan into flame the gift of God.”  We’re responsible to develop our gifts.   Dig into the Scriptures and learn about this gift.  Read books on the subject.  Ask others who have those gifts to give you wisdom and to guide you.  Take classes or attend workshops on that subject.  Make the most of it!

Read these passages for lists of spiritual gifts.

Romans 12   I Peter 4   I Cor. 12

One caution – Just because mercy isn’t my spiritual gift doesn’t give me an out in displaying mercy to others, or in sharing the Gospel, or giving my tithe.  We all must be obedient, but for those gifted in those areas, they will have a greater ministry.  Your ministry will be focused on your spiritual gift and it will be the joy of your life to perform it for the glory of God!

What is your spiritual gift?  How are you using it?

With a love for teaching =)

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