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Organization for Hair Tools

Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, I love having my tools ready and at my fingertips so that my work is made easier. However, I’ve found it so difficult to keep them neat and organized. I had this issue in my bedroom where I store all my hair tools – dryer, round brush, curling iron and styling spray. I had thrown them all into a small basket and every time I’d get one out, it would be tangled up with the others. The cords stuck out like serpents, wriggling all over the place. What to do?

I was using this to hold WAY too many items!

Then I was shopping at Home Goods recently and saw a large wicker basket with openings in the weaving and I knew it was the perfect solution to my mess! I brought it home and loaded all my tools inside, threading them through the openings. I even stuck the extension cord in there so I could keep the curling iron plugged in.

A view down inside the basket

Getting ready in the morning is SO much easier now! I just slide the basket out from under my dressing table (a homemade treasure from my late father-in-law), and easily pull out whatever I need.

The lesson learned for hair tools was,

  1. Use a container that is large enough
  2. Find a container that allows the cords to be plugged and hides the mess
  3. Use something that makes it easy to access the contents.
I love the looks of this large basket and it works much better in holding all my hair tools!

I hope that gives you an idea for items you may need to organize and refreshes your day like this simple project did mine!

Refresh your tools with the right containers!

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