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Easter Recap

What a wonderful Easter weekend we enjoyed! To celebrate our risen Savior is always the BEST part, but there were other added joys and gifts from the Lord!

My mom joined us! My husband and I picked her up and brought her to our home on Thursday, so we had a nice, long weekend together.

We enjoyed lunch at the best local fast food place, we did a little shopping, we visited the her great grandsons, and we ate meals upstairs in our quiet family room where we lingered and chatted. We taught her to play Rummikub and she caught on quickly and competitively! 😊

Sunday was glorious in every way! The church service, the worship, and the family gathering astound the meal and the fun afterwards.

We had our Easter Egg hunt after dinner. I’m not sure who has more fun – the little ones or the adults watching!

The annual Easter picture!

So many of you have prayed for my mom after my dad went to heaven and she is SO grateful. She is doing well, but her heart is obviously still grieving and missing her soul mate. I see God’s Grace carrying and sustaining her day by day, even giving her the strength to come to Tennessee for a visit. What a sweet blessing!

Were it not for the risen Savior, we would be miserable, as Paul said, after our recent loss, but my dad gained heaven, and we are thankful and comforted. This Easter the risen Christ had significant, personal blessing. He lives and so will we!

Tell me about the joys of your Easter!

6 thoughts on “Easter Recap

  1. I love these pictures! I’m so glad your Mom was able to visit you in Tennessee. I’m sure that was a wonderful blessing for all of you and a comfort to her.


  2. I loved seeing the pictures of you all. I am sure Easter was hard for Mom…the first without your dad. I know she felt the love you all gave her over the holiday.
    My husband and I used to play Rummikub for hours. He was competitive too. He and your mom would have had a great time together. (Maybe???)
    I just can’t end this comment without mentioning Dale’s Easter attire. He certainly looks ready spring.


    1. Thank you; it was a great weekend. My mom had a few moments that were difficult, but I certainly can see God’s grace sustaining her.
      Your comment about Dale’s Easter outfit made me smile. He loves to wear color and picks out his own clothes. He complains that men’s clothes are so boring with mostly blue, brown, green and gray! He likes all the bright colors! 🟪


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