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Good Friday is Only for the Guilty

It was just a little thing – a little lie, but I was pretty sure the child was guilty. A Child I was with made a quick dash to the bathroom and back while everyone was playing.

Did you wash your hands,: I asked.
Really? That was super fast.
Well, maybe not.


We’ve all been there, haven’t we? I pointed out that the lie was sin, and needing to be confessed. We bowed our heads and a confession of the lie was made, followed by a request for help in telling the truth in the future.


This child, because they have trusted Christ as their Savior, knew that they were guilty, but knew that forgiveness was theirs because of the payment sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross.

Oh, the cross! Are you thinking about the cross today?

Good Friday’s events resulted in the death of the perfect, sinless, not-guilty Son of God! “Good” Friday? How is it good? That suffering was not good for Jesus, but it was good for anyone who is guilty! Because He paid for our sin and took our penalty, we are declared righteous before God! In other words, God looks at us through His Son and says,

She’s not guilty any more!

We have all sinned according to Romans 3:32. But Good Friday is GOOD for all those guilty sinners who have trusted Christ and received the freedom at His cross!

Are you rejoicing on this Good Friday? Jesus longs for ALL to have His gift of salvation. It is a GOOD gift from a GOOD God!

Listen to the song, The Power of the Cross (below) and rejoice today in all that was accomplished when Christ suffered for us.

How are you celebrating today?

Happy Easter, Friends!

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