Easter · Women's roles

Follow Closely To Christ Podcast

Have you ever thought about the risk it took for a group of women to follow Christ all the way to the cross? Have you chosen to step out and do the same? Today’s podcast tells why and how we can follow the women’s example and follow Him closely.

Are you waiting until you can fix yourself up a little before coming to Jesus? Listen to this statement from the podcast…

You can listen to the whole episode here.

As a way to celebrate Good Friday or Easter, why not consider gathering together with a group of women to celebrate Christ’s resurrection?  You could host a brunch or lunch for three or four ladies.  Read this account in Luke 23 and 24.  Sing together.  Pray.  Rejoice in your risen Savior!

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Happy week of Easter celebrations to you! Stay close to Jesus as you consider His sacrifice for you!

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