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Get Your Home Cleared and Ready for Spring!

That’s not a typo ! We need to not only clean our homes, we also need to clear our homes. After a very busy winter season, I feel ready and anxious to clean my house for spring! This can be a daunting task, but there’s a little tip I learned from Myquillan Smith, from The Nester that has already helped me simplify the process. It’s not really a deep dive into scrubbing walls, but it’s the process of clearing the rooms of winter clutter. Winter can overload our homes with “stuff”, and also the heavier fabrics, pillows and accessories that cold months need. When spring comes, we need to lighten up the rooms. Clearing the house first off all its clutter makes cleaning it so much easier! Here’s how it goes…

Myquillen suggests that we:

  1. Gather
  2. Edit
  3. Reset

The first two steps – gathering and editing is simply taking everything, except the lamps, off all the surfaces in the room. My first room to clear was my office/guest room. I placed all the items on the guest bed. The surfaces cleared were my desk, a book shelf and a dresser.

After the surfaces were all empty, I got the dusting spray, a rag, and also a fluffy duster and I gave each surface a good cleaning. I used the duster for lamps and pictures on the wall, as well as the doors. I also washed the window while things were cleared away. So, you can see that I’m also doing some spring cleaning in this thirty minute process!

Then next step was to put things back in place. That’s when the reset happens. The items that were in the wrong places or places that weren’t working well, got tossed or replaced elsewhere. The things that were needed and in a good spot got put back. This is the time to evaluate if things are working well. Do you need a place to set a book or cup of coffee? Is there ample lighting? Do you need to reset by changing things a bit? Now’s the time to shop your house and make each room function at its best!

Taking one room at a time, by gathering, editing and resetting simplifies the whole spring clearing and cleaning process! It doesn’t feel overwhelming. Working on each room, each surface, and each item on the surfaces made it easier to clean everything in the room before it was returned to its rightful spot.

Have you started spring cleaning yet? If you’re hesitant because it seems like too huge a task, I’d encourage you to try this method on one room and see for yourself how simple and also gratifying it is! Your house will look less like winter and more like spring!

Refresh your house by gathering, editing and resetting!

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