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Using a Kitchen For the Glory of God


If there is a ministry I LOVE, it is Apples of Gold.  If you’re not familiar with it, let me explain with a short description:

It is a cooking/mentoring ministry based on Titus 2.

This ministry allows me to do what I love (cook and bake) where I love (in my kitchen) and to people I love (younger women).

Each session of Apples of Gold (AOG) lasts six weeks, meeting for three hours once a week. Continue reading “Using a Kitchen For the Glory of God”

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Making Sour Dough Bread & Mentoring a Life

I’ve been making Sour Dough Bread for many years.  I often think to myself that if people knew how easy it is, everyone would be baking these loaves in their ovens!  You just can’t beat the taste of Sour Dough.  I especially love this bread toasted.  I love it for my morning toast, BLT’s or grilled cheese.  But honestly, you will never go wrong with this yummy gluten!!

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Endurance of a Counselor

Image result for pioneer club sewing badge

I have the joy of teaching first and second graders in our church Pioneer Club on Wednesday nights.  In this children’s ministry, each club works for badges by learning Bible verses and different skills.  This month I’m teaching them to sew two kinds of simple stitches.  While it’s hard to tell them they have to pull out the stitches they worked so hard on because they’re wrong, they would never learn if I let them go on with their own way of doing it. So, we rip out and they do it again with help from workers.

Have you ever watched someone you knew and cared for slip away from the Lord? It’s even more heart wrenching than a 7 year-old who has to redo a task.  Out of a desire to help, someone steps in – maybe it was you – and tries to give godly counsel. The one going astray is guided to God’s Word but they continue a downward spiral, avoiding the Bible, church, and anyone who points them to God. The frustrated counselor might want to say, “Fine, go your way. You will reap from what you’re sowing! I’m washing my hands of this.”

As we read I Samuel 15 we see how Samuel responded to hearing that Saul had not obeyed the Lord. It says in verse11 –  

“And it grieved Samuel; and he cried unto the Lord all night.” 

His heart was broken for Saul. Samuel had given Saul much instruction, but spite that, Saul chose to go his own way and disobey the Lord’s commands. In verse 35 we read,

“Samuel came no more to see Saul until the day of his death: nevertheless, Samuel mourned for Saul…” 

 Samuel wasn’t afraid to share the truth with Saul; a reminder, I believe, that we don’t just sit and watch someone sin and be afraid to tell them the truth in love. But we must remain broken over their sin. I believe that Samuel continued to pray for Saul, and even though he watched Saul slipping farther and farther away, he loved him and desired that Saul make things right with the Lord.

If there’s someone you know that has drifted – perhaps a friend, or even a child or family member, ask the Lord to keep your heart soft towards them, as modeled by godly Samuel. May our hearts be as such as would mourn and cry to the Lord all night for a brother or sister that has wandered. Keep praying and lovingly sharing the truth when you have the opportunity. God desires that they return to Him, and it might be due to a Christian friend like you that they will do just that.

I can’t wait to see my club members get their sewing badge at the end of the month! Let’s care enough to share the truth with that one who isn’t walking with God, then stick around to see the results; it will be worth it!

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Our North Myrtle Beach Favorites

beach 8a

As you may have read, my husband and I were on vacation last week.  We love the North Myrtle Beach area because it’s relatively quiet (especially in late April!).  They’ve added lots of great shopping and restaurants in that area, too, making it one of our favorite places to retreat!  Today I am sharing some of our favorite places and activities when we’re there!

Walking/Running on the beach.

beach 1

We love to get up early and walk/run while the sun rises.  It’s invigorating, it’s beautiful and it’s fun!  Time together strolling later in the day is also fun.  Hand in hand, we stop for a look at the pier or a beautiful shell, or to watch the parasailors do their thing.  It’s just so relaxing to walk the shoreline!

Enjoying an ocean front room.

beach 3

We spend lots of time on the balcony.  I had my quiet time out there each morning.  We ate our meals out there.  The door is kept open so we can hear the beach any time we’re in the room!  Being ocean-front is like living ON the beach without the sand!

beach 4

Eating at Fun restaurants.

beach 2

There’s a breakfast place we love – Golden Griddle.  It’s so inexpensive, but the food is great.  I always order from the kids menu and it’s plenty of food for the morning!  There’s always a line out the door, letting you know it’s really good (and worth waiting for!)

We also make sure we eat at Sea Captain’s House.  Their hush puppies alone make it worth the visit!  We had salmon fixed with a Southern twist and it was delicious!  We always share a meal and both of us are filled!!  The view from the window is spectacular!

beach 9

Another favorite place not pictured is California Pizza.  The pizza is great, but we also love the atmosphere of sitting in their open air restaurant and enjoying the sights and sounds around us!

Time together!

beach 5

What’s better than not feeling in a hurry to get to the next thing?  Time together at the beach is great for our marriage, even as empty-nesters!

The sky!

beach 7

These pictures are totally unfiltered.  Every day the view is different and beautiful, pointing to an Awesome Creator!

beach 8

We’re home and back into ministry and our daily routines, but how fun it is to look back at our pictures and remember our time away.

How good the Lord is that we vacation at the beach and come home to the mountains! We are indeed blessed!


Where do you love going on vacation?  What do you do to refresh yourself?

Thanks for stopping in to see our vacation favorites!

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Roses, Remembrances, Reunions and Rough Days

Here’s a peek at my week:

Roses. Last Thursday my husband came home with 18 yellow roses because “I haven’t gotten you yellow roses in a long time.” I know how blessed I am, and I’m crazy in love with a man that is  thoughtful, helpful, sentimental and loving. He still makes my heart flip!


Remembrances.  Friday was a day to remember Alli’s birthday. She thinks she’s getting old – I know I am! As a mom, I couldn’t be more thankful for her and her sister. I’ve loved having daughters, and Alli is sweet, funny, thoughtful, generous and a blast to spend time with.


I had her and her husband over for lunch and we celebrated with her favorite things – White Castle Sliders, Garlic Fries and Chocolate cake, tweaked just a little.


We had this Chocolate Cherry Cake only I made it with Strawberry pie filling instead. The results? Scrumptious!

Reunion. Saturday marked the last day of our six week mentoring ministry, Apples of Gold. Does this look like a group of young women having a good time? We had too much fun!



One of the other sweet mentors taught them to make homemade tortillas! Here they are trying their hand at rolling them out. Coffee cups, recipes, flour, and guacamole ingredients are everywhere showing evidence of the great time we were having!


We had such a sweet time together! We also had a former “Apple” join us, making it a bit of a reunion. Melissa served like a true Servant of the Lord. She washed dishes, cleared tables, and jumped to do whatever she saw needed to be done. I love each of these women and will miss our Saturday get-togethers! We have one last dinner – our Celebration Dinner with their husbands in a week and a half. Should be lots of fun!

Here was the table, all set and ready for our Saturday class…


Rough Days. Who likes going to the dentist? Any takers? Me either. Monday morning at 8:30 my week started out looking at this…


I had a tooth break off a little piece, and it needed a filling. I try not to put things off like that. When I learn about it I want it fixed before it becomes more than just a filling that is needed. So, off I took myself Monday morning to start my week. You know what? It ended up being a blessing.

I decided I’d ask the dental assistant and my dentist how I could pray for them while they worked on my tooth. The doctor admitted that “we all need prayer!” Then after a minute he shared a heavy burden with me that had taken place in his family just last week. It was my blessing to lie there and pray for that need, and the needs of his assistant. It took my mind off myself and put it on someone else, and that turned the “rough day” into a blessed one!

Lesson learned – Not every day is a Roses Day, but the difference is really how I respond to the Rough ones. I can turn it around if I’ll turn my focus to the Lord and others instead of my problems.

So, how’s your week been? Has it been Roses or Rough Days? Would a change in focus help you, too?