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The Wise Woman’s Words

I’m loving the sweet apples that are available right now.  They are delightful to the eye and the taste.  Could our words be described as sweet fruit like those apples, or would they be more like poison?  We continue in our Proverbs study today and learn about the wise woman’s words. Listen to the video below and hear how God describes her words and responses.

Has anyone else ever experienced Galvanic Shock?  How about the shock of hearing both blessing and cursing coming from your own mouth? Was there one truth that stood out to you today?

I’m grateful you took time to read/watch!


Bible study · Proverbs

Walk In Wisdom – Proverbs 1 Study

Happy Wednesday, Friends!  We’re beginning our study of the Proverbs by delving into Chapter 1!  Here are some things to be listening for in the video below:

  1. Who are the four types of people who are mentioned in this chapter?
  2. How is the fear of the Lord defined?
  3. What is the danger of not listening to God’s wisdom?
  4. What is the blessing for those who heed God’s instruction?


Stop and ask yourself which description in Chapter One describes you.  If you need to turn, do it today!  If you’re wise, keep moving forward!




P.S.   I’m trying out some new scheduling here on my blog, so bear with me as I pray about the best times to post new content!  I’m posting my weekly video today and we’ll see if it works well, or if I need to bump it back further into the week. Thanks for reading!

Bible study · Proverbs

The Wisdom of Proverbs

All of God’s Word is given that we might know God, receive Christ as our Savior and then live to glorify Him all our days.  His Word.  How precious it is.  Every chapter, every verse, every line is given that we might know Him.

The Book of Proverbs is a favorite Book of mine, due to its practical nature.  There are so many truths to apply to every day life.  I’ve sought to know it and live by it.  But I long to know more.

For this reason, I’m beginning a study in this Book and will be sharing it with you here.  Today I’m sharing a video to introduce Proverbs.  I hope it will open your heart and mind even more to its Truths and make you hungry to dig in and study its chapters!