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Change Your View

wp-1516731367120-1058527903.jpgBecause my husband had a birthday this week, we took a couple of days to go on a trip to Hot Springs, Virginia to celebrate!  Oh, the blessing this change of view has given our busy lives! We loved the gorgeous setting of the Homestead Resort, sitting in sun-filled lobbies, window seats, and also the love seat in our own room.  The change of view has been a blessing.

There are times that our spiritual eyes need a change of view, too.  Discouragements come to all of us.  It’s part of living in a sinful world with sinful words, responses and actions.  Sometimes those all belong to our own heart; sometimes they come from others.  I’m never surprised at my own wrong actions/reactions, but though I shouldn’t be surprised when it comes from others (because others are sinners, just like me), it does come as a blow.

Have you been there?

Someone does or says something that you just weren’t expectitng and it’s a hard pill to swallow.  But as a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are reminded that we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world.  My enemy is deeper than the person from whom the blow came. Ephesians 6 reminds of this truth. It’s no surprise to me that after having recently hearing my husband preach on these verses, and after having taught this passage afterwards in my Adult Bible Fellowship, that soon after the battle became very apparent.  Then, oh, the wrestling in my own heart through the night!  The “Why?”  “How could they” thoughts pierced my sleep, leaving me to toss and turn in the darkness of the room and also in my mind.

But when morning came, I went to that very passage in Ephesians 6 and repeated the armor that I wear –

  • The Belt of Truth – What Truth would I meditate on today?
  • The Breastplate of Righteousness – How would I respond towards this that would show a righteous heart?
  • Feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace – Would I be ready today to share the Gospel, or will I dwell on the war around me instead?
  • The Shield of Faith – What promises of God’s Word could I claim today?
  • The Helmet of Salvation – Will I remember all I am in Christ because I’m His child?  How will this change the way I respond?
  • The Sword of the Spirit – What verses will I meditate on to remind myself (and my enemy, Satan) of the victory Christ has won for me? 

Choosing to meditate on that passage gave me a whole different view!  It was like the sunshine that was pouring into the library in which I was blessed to sit! It refreshed me in the battle because I was dressed properly to fight it!

If discouragement is your view today, do yourself the blessing of changing your view to all that is yours if you are a child of God.  It will give you an eternal perspective that will equip you to live in victory today!

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A Peek From My Porch

I couldn’t make myself look.  My poor Jeep was being towed out the driveway and taken to the Jeep “hospital.  Hopefully whatever is keeping it from cranking up will be an easy repair and she’ll be back home soon. She had no power whatsoever and was completely out of service.  It would’ve made my heart sad to see her pitiful condition on the back end of a tow truck.  I turned away so I wouldn’t see!

Sometimes that’s exactly how I feel – like my heart and my emotions are being carried away – maybe not on a Tow Truck, but on a Whoa Truck! I want to stop, quit, and not go on.  I can’t even bear to really look in the mirror at my reflection because I know the emptiness and sorrow and powerlessness that I might see.    A crushed spirit, overwhelming burdens, too busy schedules, and the cares of others can all have impact on my heart, needing the repair that only the Lord can bring.

My “hospital” is my prayer closet.  Oh, the Surgeon’s hands are so gentle.  He always patiently sits and listens as I pour out my list of ailments.  He administers the healing with His Word, His love, His comfort.  After praying to Him, I sit and listen.  In the quiet He speaks words of peace to my heart. He brings His Word to mind.  In the stillness He speaks.  The tears that have come are wiped away and in time I’m ready, once again to be back in service.  No more emptiness – He fills me and empowers me to move forward.  I don’t like the down times of my car or my heart, but you know, without times of weakness, I would be dependent on my own strength.

It takes the tow truck pulling up to make you really appreciate being able to jump in your car and GO!  It takes times of spiritual weakness to make you really appreciate the Spirit’s enabling you to serve Him.  Without Him, we’d just be sitting idle on the back end of a Whoa Truck!  I know where I’d rather be!

How about you?  Do you ever want to quit?  Don’t throw in the towel, run to your Quiet place and let the Lord recharge your spiritual batteries!

Thanks for letting me give you an honest, raw look from my porch!

With love and a charged battery,