God Brought Them Together

January is always a special time for me. It holds the memory of the first date I had with my husband in 1980. It still amazes me how the Lord brought us together. Dale had been dating someone very seriously and I had been dating someone as well. Dale and I had been friends, but nothing more. On the same day we each broke it off with the others we had been dating. I was teaching school at the church where his father pastored and the Christmas break was over, yet he was still home from college. I was in the hallway with my first graders. We chatted, sharing with one another the break-offs. He invited me to go out and go bowling that night “just for fun.” What did I have to lose? We’d been good friends, and we both needed to get our minds on something else! We did go out that night and had a great time together. I was blown over at his kindness, his “gentlemanly” courtesies, and the way he treated me with such thoughtfulness. I was not in love, of course, but I had experienced a date with a man’s man that knew how to treat a girl and I was impressed!

Of course, that was only the beginning, and the Lord knit our hearts together in a sweet love that led us to marriage in June of 1981. Only the Lord could have orchestrated bringing us together at that time. It was a sweet love story that continues to today, for which I am so thankful.

I began reading in my One Year Bible this morning (I’m getting a head start on the year!) As I read the creation story I came to the second chapter in Genesis where God created Eve for Adam. It says in verse 22 “And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” Adam didn’t have to do anything. Eve didn’t have to do anything. God brought her to Adam. God did that for me when He brought Dale into my life. If you’re married, I trust this is your testimony too.

If you’re still single, be comforted by the fact that God continues to bring couples together in this fashion. He doesn’t need our help. He can bring two people together from the opposite ends of the earth. Single girls need to understand that they don’t need to act flirtatious, put themselves in a place where single men are hanging out, or let everyone know they’re available. If you believe in the sovereignty of God, you can trust Him to bring to you the one that He has created for you to marry. Today simply be where God wants you in His will. continue to serve Him and be faithful in living for Him. In His timing and in His perfect way, He can bring the right one into your life. You trusted Him for salvation, trust Him for the details of your life too!

2 thoughts on “God Brought Them Together

  1. Neat story. It’s so neat to see how the Lord can bring “everything” (your breakups,location,timing, opportunity, etc.) together at just the “right” time, His perfect timing!! He’s soooo amazing……


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