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A Little More About Denise


I’m left-handed. I hoard chocolate. My dresser drawers are usually a mess. I have an identical twin. I have a reputation as a prankster. I’m dangerous around fire. I crave Mexican food. I’m dreaming about writing a book.

You will find the words above in the “Meet Denise” page of my blog.  Go  here for more of the facts about my life. I thought it was really important in this section of my blog to really let ladies know who is behind the computer.  By knowing a little about me, you’ll know better whether my posts would benefit you.

Today I thought I’d give you a few more details and be a little more personal about myself and my blog.

The most important fact about me:  I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  He is the reason I exist, the way I know I have eternal life in heaven, and He is the purpose for my life and my blog.  I desire in each post to point women to Him.  At home, in marriage, in entertaining, it should all be about Him and for Him.  I hope you see Christ throughout what I write and share, because that is truly my goal.

How I learned to blog: Trial and error.  In the early days, the photos were not edited.  They were pretty pathetic.  Blog headers were made on one site and downloaded, then pasted on my old blog site. I Googled lots of questions about how to set up pages on my blog, add a recipe index and then eventually how to transfer my blog from one host to another (a scary endeavor when you have seven years worth of posts to bring with you!) .

Do I earn money from my blog: At this time, no.  I’ve been afraid to monetize, for fear that ads would only distract from my original purpose of blogging. Will I ever? Only after much prayer and research that it’s what I need to do.

How do I come up with something to write every day? Unlike my organized daughter, I do not have a plan for the week or month.  I let the Lord direct my heart (not that Whitney doesn’t! I just do it more spontaneously!).  I do have a guide,however ~

  • Monday is a recipe
  • Tuesday I usually share a devotional thought
  • Wednesday is often about something domestic
  • Thursday is open (If I have a video to share it will be on Thursday)
  • Friday is about home.

As I go through my week I write ideas for posts down as they come to my mind and heart.  Then I pull from that pool of ideas if I ever have a day when the creative juices aren’t flowing.

What are some of my favorite posts?  I shared the most read posts yesterday, but what are my favorites?

No doubt, getting to share my story about our daughter Ashley is a favorite because it keeps her memory alive to those that didn’t know her. This post is closely connected to the post of My Story, and came out of living through the grief of losing a child.

This post about What Every Husband Needs is an important message and one I want to shout out loud to every wife.

Letting Your Child Go is a post written to help moms do one of the hardest things!  No mom enjoys seeing their child fly from the nest, but it’s necessary, and this post shared tips about how to make the process a little easier, and it begins when the child is young!

The story behind how the Lord brought my husband and me together is written here. I always love sharing my story about how the Lord created our relationship!

The most amazing thing about blogging: That anyone would read what I write!  Thank you to each of you who have “followed” my blog, clicked “like” or left a comment.  You have no idea how encouraging all that is to this blogger!

Tomorrow – pictures!!






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