Sweet Memories

A couple of years ago I shared a story that I had never publicly voiced. It was the story of the trial of the still birth of our second daughter, Ashley Marie. Today, July 2nd, makes that experience 23 years old, but the tenderness of the loss and the sweetness of God’s presence are just as fresh today as they were all those years ago. It took me three days to tell my story. I shared it Here, here and here – in case you didn’t read it.

I don’t linger on “what might have been” if she had lived, but I do relish the memory of my second-born, on my one child who has preceded me in death. She is already in the presence of my Savior. She’s never known the heaviness of sin or the weight of guilt; only the sweetness of the love of her Creator. She is not an angel, she is a soul whom God took home before her life on this earth got bogged down with the curse of sin.

Today, I write to recognize that there is a third Cunningham daughter, though the only tangible remembrance of her is a tiny grave in Cambridge City, Indiana. She also lives in the hearts and memory of her parents who loved her the moment they knew she was growing in the womb. The greatest part of her life is the eternal part in which we will also take part when either the Lord calls us home, or when He returns for us with the shout, the voice and the trumpet blast! We will be together again with no more partings…what a day that will be!

Ashley Marie Cunningham 7/2/87

With eternity in view,

11 thoughts on “Sweet Memories

  1. How wonderful it will be to have our family together for all eternity in Heaven, and then . . . we will be finally Home.


  2. What a wonderful testimony of God's wonderful grace. The only sad thing is she never got to know her sweet and amazing mother and father.


  3. Johanna Galyen(SIL) sent me a link to your blog. I had posted on Fb about a memeory of my first child that had been due on 7/4/2006. I was only 10 wks when I found out my baby was gone and ppl don't understand unless they have been there. I read the story of your baby and cried. I have told my husband that if I ever get a mother's ring I will want a stone for that child. I know my baby is in Heaven and look forward to the day I get to hold my little one.


  4. We remember Ashley too. What a precious time heaven will be to be able to get to know another precious niece like her sisters. Love you!


  5. Leanna,
    You're right – you can't fully understand unless you've lost a child. A ring with a birthstone would be a sweet remembrance! I have a pair of porcelain booties with Ashley's name on the bottom. I have heard of others who have planted a tree in their baby's memory or purchase a Christmas ornament to hang on the tree every year.

    Yes, heaven will be a sweet reunion!


  6. Thank you for sharing your story. I have not lost a child but I have felt God carrying me through a difficult time when my son had to have lung surgery. The Lord is so good to us.


    1. All trials are to push us towards our God Who is the only One that can give true peace. He is always what we need, isn’t He? Thanks for sharing your heart!


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