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Family Friday – What Every Husband Desperately needs

What a blessing it is to stand alongside, before and behind my husband as he serves God.  Last weekend I had the blessing of encouraging him as he ministered to many different people.

At a couple’s retreat he challenged couples in biblical marriage principles.  I sat in front of him, prayed for him and smiled at him when he looked my way.


After the retreat when we had the fun of enjoying an Amish bakery, I laughed with him as he enjoyed his ice cream-filled donut!  I also enjoyed two bites!


When he preached all day on the Sunday of that busy weekend, I devoured his message, nodded encouragement, and told him what a blessing it was to watch him encourage that flock of people.


When we got to stop at an old home place where we lived many years ago, we reminisced over memories made there – some good, some bitter sweet. We held hands and wept, and also thanked God for His blessings.


When he got to encourage a group of young believers, I rejoiced in my heart for his love for people.  He has a shepherd’s heart that longs for Christians to stay close to the Good Shepherd,drink from His cool waters and feed on the grass of God’s pasture.


Ministry can be hard some days…some months even, but how grateful I am for the times when we can serve together and I can do my first calling – support this man that God has given as my life’s mate.  I’m so proud to call him my husband. He has told me

As long as you’re behind me, I can withstand anything.

What has God called your husband to do?   Stand behind him and encourage him in whatever that calling is.  You and I will never do it perfectly, but the important thing is that we keep on encouraging.  It’s what our husbands desperately need from us!

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6 thoughts on “Family Friday – What Every Husband Desperately needs

  1. You are such a good wife. I am working on making a little gratitude notebook for my husband (like you shared at Valentine’s Day). My husband likes to work on maintenance at our Church….indoor and outdoor). He, also, likes to fly fish and he ties his own flies. He has turned his hobby into a service by joining up with “Project Healing Waters”. It is an organization dedicated to help the veterans and active military who have emotional and physical disabilities. They teach them about fly tying and in the summer they take them on fishing trips. I never, never discourage my husband from doing this. I think he is blessed more by serving them than they are to have him teach.


  2. Wow, this is so incredibly sweet! It seems like are so few women in this world today who love and respect their husbands in this way. Love this!


  3. Thank you for sharing! Hubby is fixing the toilet right now and I made sure to tell him how proud I am of his work for our family!


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