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Simple Techniques to Keep Your Oven Clean

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Cleaning the oven is probably at the bottom of most of our most-loved chores!  But I have a greater disgust for a dirty oven than I do the chore itself, so I have tried to learn simple techniques to get my oven clean and keep it that way.  My food is going in there, so I want it to be clean and as sparkling as possible.

Here are the tools I use:

Oven 1

That’s right – I don’t use chemicals or sprays.  I simply use a Brillo pad, a razor and rubber gloves.  I might add paper towels to that list, just to be technical.

Here’s the process:

  • I remove the racks to make it easier to clean the inside of the oven.
  • I wet the Brillo pad a little to get it soapy.  I use it to scrub the inside of the door, the sides, the floor and top of the oven wall.s
  • I use a damp paper towel to wipe out the soap.  I can then to assess and see if there’s any dirty residue that needs more scrubbing.
    • If there’s anything baked on the floor of the oven or the door, I use the razor blade to scrap it, then I use the Brillo pad and paper towel to wipe and check.
  • Once the inside is clean, I put the racks back into the oven to clean them.  I don’t have a sink big enough for them to fit into, so this is much easier!
    • I pull one rack at a time out as far as it will go and still stay secure in the oven.  Then I use the Brillo pad to scrub each rung of the rack.  I wipe it with a paper towel.
    • Repeat with other rack(s).
  • Give the whole oven another wipe down with a damp paper towel.
  • Use window cleaner on the front glass, the top of the oven door and the drawer beneath.
  • Hang a clean towel over the door.
  • Stand back and admire!

The real key to a clean oven is taking care of a mess as quickly as possible.  Don’t let several days of splatters and spills accumulate, or you’ll never want to attack it. However, if you’ve neglected it, just do it.  Turn on a good podcast and listen while you scrub away.

Then vow to keep it shining!

oven 3

There are other methods you can try, too, if the oven is a huge mess.

What is your most dreaded household chore?

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10 thoughts on “Simple Techniques to Keep Your Oven Clean

  1. Dear Mrs. Denise! I have never, ever thought about using a razor blade for cleaning the oven! That is such a great tip!! Last night, I looked under the microwave, which is above the stove. I don’t know what that area is called but it has a light and a splatter screen. Oh my goodness. It isn’t pleasant at all. I don’t ever think about cleaning that area. I am totally going to try your method there. As far as what I dread cleaning the most, it would be the shower. We have a massive walk-in tiled shower. It is hard for me to get down to do around the perimeter of the bottom of the shower walls due to an ankle I broke about five years ago that never healed completely. Squatting is difficult. If I get down on my knees or even sit down, getting up is crazy hard too. So it is a dreaded chore that takes a lot out of me.


      1. Thank you, Ms. Janice! I truly have never thought about a mop either! Apparently, I do things the hard way. lol 😀

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    1. The comment someone suggested for you about the mop for your shower sounds like a good one! As far as under the microwave, you can pop that little screen out and put it in soapy water to get the greasy film off. It can get nasty, can’t it?!


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