One of my favorite things to think about is heaven. I wonder at its beauty. With the wonders that surround us here in East Tennessee with the majesty of the mountains, even with the curse of sin on them, I think, “How gorgeous heaven must be!”

I also wonder what it will be like to be in the presence of God, and to meet our Savior and worship in His very presence. Will we ever get over that? No! But we won’t have to, for we will be there for eternity.

I think about sharing that span of time with fellow-believers. No one will be flicking the lights at us indicating that they’re ready to go home. We will fellowship and praise our God together endlessly.

I rejoice when I think that there will be so more separations. This morning we learned of the home going of a Christian woman who had suffered with cancer for quite some time. We saw her husband in town last week and he knew her days on this earth were short. His heart was anchored in Christ, but the hurt was there in his eyes; the kind of emptiness that comes with letting go of one you have shared your life and ministry with. Hang on, brother, there will be a grand reunion some day! I’m looking forward to that family reunion too…no wonder the Lord will wipe the tears from our eyes.

Because I get migraines I also am reminded each time I have one that there will be no suffering in heaven. No need for dim lights, hushed voices and medications. We’ll have new bodies that won’t be sick. Those new bodies will be a blessing won’t they? I heard a woman say she’s asking the Lord for a size six! I doubt we’ll be obsessed with all that like we are now, but I know that whatever size we are, it will be perfect! That new body won’t have a sinful nature either – that’s the most difficult “illness” we all deal with! There won’t be the struggle to do right, praise His name.

This life here and now is not all there is and we need to remind ourselves of that. Eternity needs to be kept in view. Heaven will be wonderful. Meet me there!

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