The Cost of Doing Right

Have you ever noticed that the healthy foods are more expensive than the not-so-healthy choices? You can buy a bag of cheese curls, full of sodium and fat for .88, but a bag of baked Cheetos are $3.00! A few pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables will cost you all the donuts in the store! Try to buy sugar alternatives for baking and you’ll almost need a loan from the bank. Why is it that if a company takes something bad for you out of their product the price goes up? The truth is, they’re marketing to those that want to eat healthy and are wise enough to make a profit while doing so. The fact is – it will cost you something to do right!

That truth follows every area of our lives – even our Christian lives. When Moses was instructing the Israelites before they marched in to possess the Promise Land, he reminded them not to take the gods of the heathen as their gods. They were to determine in their hearts to obey God and follow His commands. In so doing they would be telling their children that it was the one true God that brought them out of Egypt. In Deuteronomy 6:10 Moses reminds them that they will dwell in cities that they did not build, will have houses full of all good things which they did not fill. They would have wells they did not dig, and vineyards and olive trees they did not plant. When their children asked why they were obeying God’s commands they would tell them, “The Lord commanded us to do all these statues, to fear the Lord our God, for our good always…” (Deut. 6:24) It would not be the easy thing that cost little, it would be the hard thing that required them depending on their God.

Isn’t it just like our loving God to give commands that are for our good? He knows what is best for us, what will keep us safe, what we really need in order to grow spiritually. Then He goes one step further and equips us with the Holy Spirit to enable us to do the right thing. He has stepped up to the cash register and paid for our expensive healthy foods, if you will. He has made every provision so we can do the hard right instead of the easy wrong! God’s commands aren’t grievous or heavy, they are for our good, just as they were for the children of Israel.

We have a choice to eat healthy or not. We also have a choice to obey the Lord or not. Neither are particularly easy, but in the latter, we have enablement to do right. Remind yourself that it is for our good always.

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