My Expectation

What a very special Mother’s Day weekend this was! On Saturday evening my family went to Flatrock, North Carolina to celebrate because of Sunday being a very full day. My husband had looked on-line for a special restaurant where we could enjoy not only a delicious meal, but also a beautiful setting. Wow, did he ever find the perfect place! We went to Seasons, and had a perfect evening together. We were tucked back in a wooded area with bushes, trees, flowers, pergolas with vines and frequently visited birdhouses. We were seated in a corner of the restaurant next to the windows where I could see all that I just described.

The meal, oh the meal! It was a three course dinner, very gourmet-ish and just as tasty as it was beautiful. The table was set perfectly with white linens and fresh flowers, beautiful silverware and stemware. It was one of those places that is not so formal that you feel uncomfortable, but it was beautiful enough that it made you feel very special!

Just before our dessert came the Mother’s Day gifts were distributed along with cards that touched my heart (what mother feels deserving of all this attention? Not me…I know me, sinful wretch that I am!). Nonetheless, the gifts were perfect too because my girls know my tastes – pink and brown purse, silk scarf, chocolate with raspberry…you get the idea. After I opened my daughter’s gifts my husband made a little speech about the special occasion that brought us to this delightful place – Mother’s Day. He went on to add that it was also his desire to honor me after twenty years of homeschooling our girls that will come to an end this Friday when Allison finishes her senior year. He then pulled out a little box with a jewelry gift for me – a complete surprise. Boy, does he know how to get to my heart! Again, feeling undeserving, but so thankful for such thoughtfulness and love being displayed from my family to me. What a blessed woman I am.

I don’t write all this to brag, but I couldn’t help but think about moms whose families perhaps overlooked making Mother’s Day a special day. Maybe that mother was you. You still got up and fixed the breakfast on Mother’s Day, prepared the lunch, or had to do all the normal things in taking care of a young family. It may have been due to the fact that your family is too young to know what to do and your hubby isn’t creative in this department. Perhaps there isn’t a husband in your home to honor you, for whatever reason. Can I encourage you with my own dealings with that some years ago?

My husband has always known how to make my birthday memorable, but when it came to Mother’s Day his focus was his own mom. He left the girls on their own to get me a card or gift. He didn’t usually even say, Happy Mother’s Day because “I’m not his mother”. Every year I would gear myself up hoping that it would be different and he would realize that because I am the mother of his children he would do something! I set myself up for disappointment time after time.

I will never forget the Mother’s Day that the Lord took me to Psalm 62:5 – My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. The Lord showed me that I cannot put my expectations on my husband, my daughters, or any other human being, for that matter. I could only look to my God. He never disappoints me. He never lets me down. All that He’s promised He will fulfill. I gave over that expectation that day and asked my husband to forgive me for imprisoning him because of my expectations. After that year Mother’s Days were so much sweeter! If I got a card or gift, or I didn’t, it was okay because my expectations were only set on the Lord. I’d pray, “Lord, I’m mothering these girls for You. Help me to keep my focus on eternity.” Even though my husband has made a complete about-face on this special holiday, every year I remember the lesson l learned from Psalm 62. I’m sure the Lord allowed that so I’d draw closer to Him.

I pray that encourages you. We all have a tendency to have things we think others ought be be or do because of their position, but we really have no right. Let’s keep our expectations on the Lord alone; only then are we sure we’ll never be disappointed.

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