A Tribute to My Mom

When I was growing up I thought everyone had a home like mine, but when I got to college I found out that there were many girls that didn’t have the privilege of having a godly mother as I had. I got a whole new appreciation for my mom after hearing others share their stories. What kind of mom did I have? I’m so glad you were wondering, because I’d love to tell you about her.

My mom is a woman who accepted Christ as her Savior when she was a young girl. One day while listening to a radio broadcast with Uncle Charlie she heard the Gospel and trusted in Jesus as her personal Savior. It made a difference in her life from that point on. She loved Him and desired to be a godly wife and mother. I watched her at home and at church and saw her live her Christian walk consistently. Not all moms do that, but mine did.

I always knew that I could tell my mom anything. If I had a question about something I knew she would tell me the truth. When I got old enough to wonder about Santa Claus’ reality I asked my mom. Her answer was, “There is a Santa if you believe in Him.” Well that was all I needed to hear. I knew what she was gently telling me. I was disappointed, but I’d gotten the truth. Not all mom’s speak the truth, but mine did.

When I started dating, my mom kept the communication lines open and I would tell her everything. When I went to college she would encourage me when things got hard. I accepted a job in South Carolina, miles from home in Kentucky, and she and my dad took me down to get me settled in. I wrote in my journal that day that my mom told me if I wasn’t happy there or felt I’d made a mistake in this decision I would always be welcome to come home. Though I was sure this was God’s leading, she comforted me with those words. She wasn’t my buddy, she was my mom. I knew she loved me and had wisdom that I needed. She is indeed very wise and has given tremendous counsel to me when I’ve sought for it. Not all mom’s share godly wisdom, but mine did.

She is a woman of exquisite taste and she allowed her love for beautiful things to flow into her home. I always feel the need to come home and redecorate, reorganize and clean when I’ve made a visit to my mom’s house. Everything is perfect (Dad has a huge hand in this too…he’s a gardener extraordinaire and can fix or make anything she dreams up!). I grew up with her creativity around me in the form of her resourcefulness when money wasn’t necessarily there. She created dresses for me and my sisters that made me feel loved and cared for when I wore what she had sewn. Not all mom’s take the time and effort to make their families feel special, but mine did.

Her creativity was also seen in meals she prepared for our family. We had a scrumptious dinner together every day, as well as lingering conversation around the table afterwards. She used the good dishes on Sunday, teaching us girls to be comfortable in a more formal setting. Not all moms take the time to make mealtime an event, but mine did.

She has the gift of hospitality and has welcomed many people in her home. She has a heart for those that are needy. A troubled teen girl lived with us for a time. She also took in her English aunt (Aunt Violet), who was in her 70’s, I believe. Aunt Violet was a blessing to us with her gift for making English pastries and entertaining us with her stories, but I know that my mom’s companionship was a blessing to my great aunt at a lonely time in her life. Preachers, evangelists, and visiting groups from college have been guests at my mom’s table; I’m sure they remember the occasion that brought them there. Not all moms are willing to share what they have with others that are unable to return the favor, but mine did.

One trait I love about my mom is that she can laugh at herself. She’s has had a knack over the years for doing some very funny things and getting herself into some hilarious situations. As we laugh at what she’s done, she laughs right along with us, then ends with, “Well?” Her innocence makes it even funnier. Not everyone can laugh when they make a mistake, but she did.

As a grandmother she has been a blessing in the lives of her grandchildren. Our daughter, Whitney, had the blessing of spending many weeks in the summertime with her grandparents. It was a time in her teen years when she needed the nurturing that a Nana has the time and ability to give – not all do it, but my mom did.

I thank the Lord for the home in which He placed me. I was and am privileged to call Millie Ray my mom. I wouldn’t trade her or my growing up years for anything. Not all daughters had a wonderful mom, but I did!

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

4 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Mom

  1. Oh my goodness, what a tribute, and honor I am given. Being a Wife and Mother, is all I ever wanted to be, and the Lord gave me the best in a Husband,and our three wonderful daughters. It is only through His guidance and grace, that I am blessed everyday with rich rewards, as I seek to do his Will. Thank you for your loving words. Mother


  2. This is a very nice post! It reminded me of my mother, and brought back rich memories though she has been in Heaven since 1995! I visited your church back in December when we were on our way to BJU. I enjoy your blog, and thank you–Beth (from Ohio)


  3. I’m to the point of tears, reading all that you have written about me. As you get old you often wonder about how you did raising your children, hoping that you instilled the right attitudes, love, and guidance to them so they could be God fearing and stable adults. I’m blessed to have had many accolades from my family and though I have the feelings I could have been more patient and involved, I thank the Lord for the way he lead me, as I was very young and inexperienced. Now nearing 80 I see the girls, grandchildren and great grandchildren following in the footsteps of the Savior and I am awed at their Ministries. The Lord is Good!


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