A Shepherd’s Care

I have a German friend that I met on our way to our mission trip to Spain last year. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned him on my blog, but it is a joy to my heart. My friend’s name is Claus. “Like Santa Claus – without the Santa” is what he told me when we met on the plane. The Lord gave me the sweet privilege of sharing the Gospel with him as we flew to Germany. Though he did not receive Christ, he is very open.


Last January he contacted me using the tract I had given him with our church name and address stamped on the back. Just recently we have been talking on Skype. He called yesterday and as my husband and I talked with him (Dale’s always in on our conversations – that’s the only way I communicate with him) Claus asked if Dale was a priest.


I said, “Well, sort of. In our denomination we call him a pastor. He is like a shepherd; he takes care of the people in our church. The food he feeds them is the Bible.” I then added, “But Jesus is the best Shepherd. He calls us sheep. He gave His life for His sheep. He takes better care of us than a pastor ever could.”


“Ya, that is goot” was Claus’ reply.


I think back to years ago when our oldest daughter, Whitney, cared for a sheep for 4-H. She had to get her sheep, Timothy, to follow her, to learn her voice, to trust her. She would put her arms around his neck to hold his head up for showing. He wasn’t always cooperative. He would jerk and bawl.
That is so like me and my Shepherd. Jesus wants to just hold me, speak to me and comfort me, and I’m running the other direction, busy and preoccupied instead of resting in His sweet embrace. Oh the sweetness of letting Him care for me and lead me. He quiets and soothes my anxious heart when I sit still and listen. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. There’s nothing I don’t have that I need when I’m content with His care.
What a wonderful Shepherd He is. “Ya, that is goot!”

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