Will I Praise the Lord or Will the Rocks Have to Cry Out?

This past Wednesday night in Prayer meeting it was time to share testimonies. I immediately thought of the praise in my heart for the way the Lord had specifically answered prayer in my life this week. That’s when the battle began.

“Don’t share that, people will think it’s trite.”

“God answered prayer and I need to praise Him for it.”

“You have thanked Him for it – you don’t need to stand up and share it with people who won’t understand.”

“I should share it to encourage others that God answers prayers – even little things.”

“People never understand when you share – it’s just silly. Stay in your seat.”

I finally did stand and thank the Lord for what He’d done – spite the thoughts that were banging around in my head, spite the negative vibes I got from very few. Do you go through this kind of struggle when you’re given an opportunity to testify of what God’s done in your life?
I recently visited a church where there were several little ones that were fussing and crying during the service. The pastor got up and said, “I’m thankful for these little ones in the service today. Sometimes we get annoyed when they cry and fuss, but I’m reminded of the verse that says if we don’t praise the Lord the rocks will cry out. Do you suppose that the Lord made these little ones cry out because you wouldn’t?”

Wow! That was powerful. How often does the Lord allow something or someone else the opportunity to praise Him because I’m silent when I should be giving Him glory? Too often, I’m afraid. The next time you hear a little one crying in a service ask yourself if you’re giving Him the glory He deserves!

Is it hard for you to stand and share a testimony in a service? How do you respond when you’re given the opportunity to praise the Lord? Tell me about it here so I won’t feel alone!

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