I looked through summer’s window
and was so surprised to see,
Autumnal hues and colors
were peeking back in at me.
Denise Cunningham
This was indeed the case Sunday afternoon. I had come home from church to prepare dinner and when I looked out my window all I could see were reds and yellows in the trees in the backyard. “When did fall come?” I asked myself. It crept in while we were grilling out on a summer’s day, while we were soaking up the sun on the beach, while we rocked on the back deck in the summer breezes. It continues to creep up – like it or not.
I am a summer bug, but I do enjoy autumn’s colors and its crisp days. The only thing that bothers me about fall is that winter follows it! I know it’s coming and I shiver at the thought! However, I won’t gripe about it – I’ll embrace the change and enjoy it. One way I do that is by decorating my house for the season. I pull out the silk fall leaves, beaded pumpkins, candles, and golden dishes to cozy up our home.

On the shed door I’ve hung a metal pumpkin decoration I found. It’s big enough to be seen at the road and goes well with the “plumey” plants on the porch.

The kitchen counter has been covered with a fall runner, small pumpkins, and a Brambley Hedge Autumn plate that belongs to my daughter whose birthday is on the first day of fall. The plate will be there until she realizes that I still have it. It would look really cute on her cabinet in her kitchen! But for now it looks nice in mine!
My corner shelf holds candles, a ceramic pumpkin, and an antique book that has a page about fall and giving thanks. I love to use old books to decorate – they have such character.

I put a pumpkin on a sconce that normally holds a candle. It’s fun to reinvent items and give them a new use.

On my coffee table are old Southern Living magazines from the months of September and October. I also have a book about autumn that gives beautiful ideas to decorate your home, fall foods to cook, and activities to do. I get inspired by books like these!

What do you do to decorate for fall? What inspires you? Tell me about it!

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