A Woman After God’s Own Heart

This blog entry is a review of the DVD lesson that we had on Monday night. For those ladies at BCBC that are signed up for the study, but missed out on the evening, I’d like to get you caught up on what you missed.

Elizabeth was married to a Christian husband, but she was unsaved. Their unequal yoke brought many difficulties to their marriage. After five years they had two daughters. Their home was one of real chaos because there was no leader; no directives to follow. She left her girls at daycare to follow a career in counseling, causing even more disorder in their lives. Life stayed busy with dropping the girls off before daylight and picking them after sunset, then coming home to feed and bathe them, get them to bed, and then getting up the next day to begin it all again. “No home will ever be a heaven on earth when you are neglecting the marriage, the family or the home, and I was three for three!”

But at the age of 28, the Lord saved Elizabeth and she became a new creature in Christ.. II Corinthians 5:17 Now she was God’s child and for the very first time she had something to live her life by – the Bible. She began building her life on the sure foundations of the Word of God. The Holy Spirit began working in her life and changing her heart and making it one for Him. She had a hunger for the Word and devoured its Truths and sought to obey it. She lifted her Bible up to show us and it is tattered and torn, and it’s her third copy of the Scriptures! It reminded me of the saying, “A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who is not!” That’s certainly true of Elizabeth. She loves God’s Word and sweetly studies it and shares it with others.

In Isaiah 40:31 we read about the eagles. Elizabeth and her husband, George, live in the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington and God has given them an eagle that flies past their house early in the morning. They watch for it and have learned many things about eagles, and about waiting on the Lord. Elizabeth said that in the spiritual realm as we wait on the Lord we are rewarded for our patience. We have His strength for our trials for that day. Here in God’s Word he give us a visual aid of what He wants us to do when it comes to His Word – to be a woman after God’s heart. We must be like the eagle and tend to first things first.

How does your day begin? With the alarm clock beeping? Hitting the freeway to get to the job or the kids to school? We usually begin by thinking, “Oh no! Not another day!” There are so many things to do and we feel overwhelmed. But God’s Word says “this is the day the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” We look at all the things that need to be done and we think “I’ll never get it all done – and I’ll really never get it all done if I take time to read my Bible and pray!” But the exact opposite is true. John 15:5 says, Without me, you can do nothing. And the contrast in the Word tells us that we can do all things through Christ’s strength. We must tend to first things first. We must spend time in God’s Word and prayer. Our problem isn’t organizational skills – we’ve got that down! But we need to learn to manage our spiritual life.

Here is a three-step method she encourages us to follow:

  1. Time – We must give time to spend in God’s Word. II Timothy 3:16-17 says that all Scripture is profitable. That means that we’re never wasting time when we spend it studying our Bible.
  2. First time – Like that eagle, first things first. Proverbs 3:9,10 Time is a substance that we all have. We need to give God the first bit of time we have been given in the morning. We are blessed in our spiritual lives when we give God the first portion of the harvest of every single day. We’re given 1,440 minutes every day as a gift. Couldn’t we give some of that back to Him?
  3. Early time – So many Psalm 63:1 – David said, “Early will I seek thee; my soul thirsts for you.” Abraham met early with God. There was a place and a time. In Mark 1:35 Jesus rose up early in the morning and went to a solitary place and there prayed. We have so many examples in the Scriptures of saints who sought God early. We need to get our spiritual food for the day to prepare us for what is coming.

Meet with God before the heat comes on, before other predators come and steal away your time, and before the pressures of the day. You know how all day long – you were going to meet with God, you were going to spend time in prayer…”as soon as I do this load of laundry, as soon as I get done with this phone call, as soon I get the dishes off the table, I’m going to meet with God!” Then later that night you lay your head on the pillow and think to yourself, “I never did it! I never spent time with the Lord.” This will help – time, first time, early time.

Remember – you’re never wasting time when you spend time with God! If this is the only thing you got done all day, it would have been a profitable day!

Yes, but how?

  • Refuse to miss a day
  • Be a woman of one book – The Book!
  • Get up before your family does
  • Purpose to get up

Ladies, my prayers are with you as you begin the lessons in your book this month. Begin by doing Week One in your book. You will have the whole month of October to do five days of study! Do a little bit each day. Follow Elizabeth’s encouragement as stated above and saturate your heart with the study of the Word and prayer so that at the end of this first month you will see that you are becoming a woman after God’s own heart!

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