What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

The title of today’s post should really read, “What’s Baking in the Parsonage?” because that’s what has been going on in my kitchen for the last several days. Perhaps that’s what’s going on in your kitchen too, with Christmas only 11 days away!

First, let me share with you the easiest candy recipe I received in an email from Kraft Foods. They’re called Crunch Bars. I hadn’t made them in years…not sure why not! It’s so good and so simple. If you like Heath Bars you’ll love this!

My husband was happy to help clean out the scraps in the pan! That’s okay with me – he also washed up my dirty dishes. (I love a man with dishpan hands!)

This next recipe makes four Cream Cheese Coffee Cakes. They’re more breads than they are cakes, but that’s what they’re called. People will think you fussed a bunch, but because you make the dough the night before and let it sit overnight in the fridge it splits up the process. Then next day you take the dough out, knead it, divide it, fill it with the cream cheese mixture and let it rise. After it bakes you drizzle the confectionery sugar glaze and almonds on it. It’s very good and makes lots – something I like in a recipe.

I’m also making Sour Dough Bread as a gift for a group of people. My recipe makes up two loaves at a time. If you’ve never used a sour dough starter you’re missing out on the easiest way to make homemade bread! It can be hard to get your own starter going…I got mine from a friend over 20 years ago! It’s easy to maintain and makes delicious bread and cinnamon rolls. I won’t share that recipe today, but if you’re interested leave me a note and I’ll be happy to post it.

The last thing that I baked in my kitchen were these Chocolate cake rolls with Cream Roulade and a Chocolate Mint Sauce. It sounds very fancy and difficult, but I’m telling you this recipe is very simple and looks elegant and tastes even better! You use a cake mix to make the rolls and it makes two! I took one to our choir dinner on Saturday and will serve the other one at our Sunday school’s class party. The cake is light, the filling is creamy and the chocolate sauce is heavenly!
What’s baking in your kitchen this week? I’d love to hear!

5 thoughts on “What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

  1. Hazel,
    To start: Place in a mason type jar:
    1 cup warm water
    3/4 Cup sugar
    3 tbl. instant potato flakes

    Stir and let set on counter all day. Place lid on jar and cover lightly (don't fasten all the way down). Let set 3-4 days. Add the same ingredients again to starter. Let set all day on counter.
    Next day you can make bread:
    6 cups bread flour
    2 1/2 tsp. yeast
    1 tbl. salt
    1/3 cup sugar
    Mix, then add:
    1 cup of the starter (place remaining cup back in the fridge)
    1 1/2 cup very warm water (110 degrees)
    1/2 cup oil

    Mix, then turn out on floured board and knead lightly. Place dough back in oiled bowl. Cover and set in warm place 'til dough is doubled in size.
    Punch down dough. Divide in half. Place in two greased loaf pans. Let rise 'til about an inch higher than bread pan.
    Bake at 375 degrees about 25 min.


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