What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

What do you feed missionaries? It really doesn’t matter because many of them have eaten more unusual things than you and I could ever dream. We had the privilege of having veteran missionaries share our dinner table yesterday. After hearing the preacher describe eating grubs, grasshoppers and raw eggs on the mission field I knew I didn’t have to worry about what was cooking in my oven at home! Even if the roast burned or was tough, they would be gracious to eat what was put before them, just as they graciously ate with the people in the jungle of Africa in order to be at home with those that needed the Gospel!

If you’ve never invited a missionary family into your home to be your guest I’m telling you you are missing out on an adventure. Feed them, then sit and listen to their stories of God’s call, provision, and blessing as they served Him around the globe. It’s educational, heartwarming, and a true blessing to our hearts to serve dear saints of God!

You desire to be a blessing to them, but I always receive one instead.

I cooked a chuck roast for the main course. The recipe is called, “Yankee Pot Roast”, meaning it is cooked with the vegetables. It’s less caloric than cooking the roast with a cream soup, as in the other method I’ve shared and my husband vowed yesterday it’s his favorite. The tomato sauce you pour over the meat flavors it and the vegetables and is so good!

I served green beans and added water chestnuts to them at the end of the cooking time to give a nice added texture. I also made a green salad and homemade Oatmeal Rolls. We also call these “Diamond Rolls” because years ago while kneading them I lost the diamond from my engagement ring! I never found the diamond in the dough, and when I served the rolls we asked everyone to chew very carefully! The diamond was replaced the next Christmas! Lesson learned…take rings off before kneading!

I have a good stock of baked goods in my freezer, so rather than baking something else for dessert, I used what I had. I had made a huge pan of brownies a couple weeks ago and froze half of them. So, I served a brownie with a couple scoops of Cookies and Cream Ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce. I’m learning to make it easier on myself!

Again, it’s not so much what you fix for your guests as it is that you simply let them know how genuinely glad they are there to share this meal with you. The sweet fellowship is better than anything you’ll eat!

Have you had any blunders like my “diamond roll” adventure? Tell me about it!

4 thoughts on “What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

  1. I enjoy your “Cookin in the Parsonage” posts! I made the Mandarin Orange Salad from last week's post yesterday. It was delicious! I'm getting some good ideas, so keep on cookin'!


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