What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

Wow! Valentine’s Day on Sunday! We love Him because He first loved us. I John 4:19 We wouldn’t be able to enjoy true love without the Father’s demonstration of His great love for us in the death of Jesus Christ!

We have celebrated Valentine’s all month, as you know if you’ve followed my blog, but we really celebrated this weekend! Friday afternoon we headed to Knoxville where we had 4:30 reservations at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Some dear friends had given us a gift card at Christmas and we saved their loving gift for Valentine’s Day. It is truly an adventure to eat there. The setting is beautiful with the restaurant sitting right next to the river. The tables are covered with white linens. There’s candle light, gracious waiters, and food that is out of this world! The food was generous in portions, and we were fortunate enough to have enough leftovers to bring home for part of Sunday’s dinner.

Saturday night was our church’s Valentine banquet at a restaurant in Kingsport. What a sweet time of fellowship we had! Twenty-one couples attended. We got to know one another better by sharing our most memorable date, written on a 3×5 card.

The memory I wrote about occurred a few years ago. My husband and I went to Wolf Laurel Ski resort near us and had dinner in the lodge in the summertime. After dinner, they informed us that they were running the ski lift, if we’d be interested in riding. I talked my husband into riding with me, spite his fear of heights! The sun was setting over the tops of the mountains and it was breathtakingly beautiful up there! He was terrified at first, but then he was okay with the ride. There were only a couple other people on the lift, so the man running it let us stay on as long as we wanted. I think we rode it about 7 or 8 times. So romantic!

Back to the Saturday night banquet – the food was excellent, but again, the portions were too much for me, so I brought half of my meal home with me. So yesterday for dinner I had my meal from Saturday night and my husband had the leftovers of our meals from Friday night!
Spite the fact that we were warming up leftovers for Valentine’s Day dinner, I still set the table with my red chargers, and then used white plates, linen napkins and crystal glasses. I made the summertime salad I’ve mentioned before, but used blueberries instead of the pears.
We had brownies with ice cream for
dessert (shouldn’t have, but we did!)
It was Valentine’s, after all!
When we got to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Friday I saw the napkin folded beautifully on the table. I thought, “I know how to do that fold! I had to come home and review a bit before I got it right. I made a video here for you to learn the fold – it’s very easy and looks really pretty on the table. My dad is an aficionado at napkin folding and he was my teacher! I should have had him make the video! Why didn’t I think of that before now? Maybe later… The steakhouse napkin is the second video.


Try these simple folds, then tell me what’s been cooking in your kitchen recently!

With love,


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