The Last Chapter

Last night was a happy/sad night. It was happy because this group of ladies gathered to finish our study of A Woman After God’s Own Heart. We started this study last August. These dear ladies stuck with it and were there to see the last lesson. It was sad because we hated to see it come to an end! The fellowship has been sweet and the lessons encouraging. We’ve been spurred on to grow in our relationship with the Lord and have been given the tools to be women that will strive after a purpose for the next ten years!
We ended the study with a Chocolate Fountain Fellowship! Talk about delicious! We dipped strawberries, angel food cake, bananas, pretzels, apples and marshmallows in that luscious melted chocolate.

We skewered the treats on a stick and dipped to our heart’s content! A “professional” dipper showed some the best technique for getting lots of chocolate with as little mess possible!
What a blessing my friend Angie was to me. I’d never used a chocolate fountain before and she set it up and got everything running smoothly. I would have made a mess of it without her help! She was a reminder of the blessing of each member in the body working to make the church function as God intended.
There was a method to my madness in having the fountain. I wanted the ladies to remember a truth we’ve learned in this study. As we are growing in our relationship with the Lord and being filled with knowledge from His Word, our lives are like that fountain – we fill up and then begin to flow over. Our lives touch others, then those people touch other’s lives and the spilling over effect just continues and continues.

Oh, that we will each endeavor to be women after God’s heart and allow Him to use us to give to others. Let’s:

  • Reach out
  • Give liberally
  • Determine to withhold nothing – give the smile, the encouraging word, the hug
  • Look out for the one who’s hurting
  • Go touch some sheep!
  • Write notes of encouragement – Remember, all you need are three sentences:

I miss (appreciate, am thankful for) you

You are special, and here’s why…

I’m praying this verse for you…

The banner in the picture above is hanging in our church. When the ladies finish their study, I’ve asked them to sign it. It’s there to encourage them to finish strong. I’m cheering each of you on!

Thank the Lord for Women After His Heart! I love each of you,

3 thoughts on “The Last Chapter

  1. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I will continue on in my book to learn even more that God wants me to know. I would love to do another study. Let's keep it going.


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