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Today is a Gift

One night last week my husband and I attended a meeting for pastors and their wives. During the preaching, one of the men in attendance began to look sickly. Those seated near him became alarmed and tried to quietly aid his wife while the preaching continued. Then the man that was preaching could see that the problem was getting worse, and he asked my husband to assist. The ailing preacher was laid out in the floor. It appeared very serious.
Everything stopped while he was cared for. He wasn’t responding and had turned a dreadful shade of white. The preaching had stopped as several were caring for the sick man, and we had special prayer for the patient, then small groups gathered on their knees to pray. Some cried openly, fearful that he wouldn’t make it. The EMS was called. Because our location was so remote it took quite a while for them to get to us.
Thank the Lord, after about ten minutes, the sick man began to come around, then he spoke! Relief washed over all of us! He recognized those around him and remembered where he was. By the time the ambulance arrived he was seated in a chair sipping water. They checked him over and all appeared to be fine. He was urged to see his doctor the next day. The preaching service then resumed at his insistence. The irony was that the message was about Elijah’s passing from earth to heaven. Here before us had been an illustration of how quickly life can be snatched away.
We all know that unless the Lord comes first, we will die. Psalm 89:48 says, What man is he that liveth and shall not see death? I had to ask myself, “if that would have been me laid out on the floor, what regrets would I have?” How would we spend today differently if we knew this was our last? What phone call would we make? To whom would we witness? How much more time would we spend in prayer? In Bible study? What changes would we make in how we planned to spend our day?
Watching someone fail physically as I did is not something any of us would want to see, but I’m thankful for the reminder that, “Today is a gift; that’s why it’s called the present.”

What will you do with the gift that lies before you?

With love,

3 thoughts on “Today is a Gift

  1. Denise, I went and bought his birthday gift the next day!! While I'm focused on giving him a “present”, his life to me is much more of a gift!
    Thanks for your post! (And I'm glad you were there!)


  2. A soldier goes out on a mission not sure he will be back… A man goes to the doctor thinking he has heart trouble only to find out he has 6 months to live with cancer…A mother goes to hospital to give birth only to find out that there is something terribly wrong…A person closes their eyes only to wake up and come face to face with eternal torment…Live as if you were dying, suffer to know that He suffered for you, Laugh, Love, and Forgive and Forget…and never be afraid that when you go to sleep one night that you will and can wake up face to face with Lord God Almighty. In all and through all will accomplich his purpose no matter what. We will never understand on this side but, all will be revealed.


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