How To Encourage

I have some vivid memories of difficult situations that I have had to walk into and act upon. I remember one December a few years back sitting with my husband in someone’s home who had just learned a few hours earlier they had cancer. I’ve stood beside a dear lady who lost her husband suddenly. I’ve been with families who just received tragic news. I remember feeling so helpless. What could I do or say that would comfort or encourage them?

What is the greatest thing we can do for someone who is in a trial? Pray for them. If you can, stop right then and have prayer together. Put your arm around them or clasp their hand and take them to the throne of Grace.

I read this quote on Revive our Hearts – When you tell the people around you that you’re praying for them, you’re not saying, “I don’t know how to help you.” Instead you’re saying, “I can do something really huge to help your situation by talking to God on your behalf.” Instead of trying to fix everyone’s problems yourself, take them to God. It’s no small thing!

We won’t say the wrong thing if we pray, and we will be asking God to do what we cannot do. Encourage someone’s heart this weekend by taking the time to pray with them about their trial. God will encourage their heart through your prayer in a way that you never could! Just pray.

See you in church.

With love,

2 thoughts on “How To Encourage

  1. Thanks for your blog. Especially the wise counsel regarding encouragement for those who are hurting. Just yesterday a young wife shared that the people of her church family avoided her upon hearing that her anticipated baby boy may have serious complications. No one said anything! “I'm praying for you,” would have been so encouraging to her! Love your blog and check it often! Thanks for encouraging and challenging me. Thanks for the good recipes, too! Thanks for being a blessing recently to our students wives!!! Heard so many good comments.


  2. Thank you, for your kind words regarding my blog, Mrs. Comfort. It is my prayer that God will use it in some small way, and I'm humbled that He would! I loved being at ABC; it's always a blessing. The women were so easy to speak to. Thanks for the opportunity!


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