A Peek Inside the Parsonage

I could hear the frustration in her comments as we chatted.  I recently talked with a young wife and homemaker and listened while she shared her desire to create a warm space in her home, but needed to be considerate of their budget, of course. She’s also trying to find her own style, while mixing it with her husband’s, and was also trying to come up with a color/decorating scheme that would fit both of their tastes.  Talking with her made me think back to when I was her age and in that stage of life.

When I look back on pictures of our home from years past I have to ask myself, “What was I thinking?!”  At the time, I was sure it was all done in good taste!   Our first home was a combination of both our personalities and interests in the living room.  His Clemson clock hung in the living room not far from where my silk bridal bouquet and our crystal glasses were displayed. His speakers that stood on either side of the television stand were large enough that we could’ve used them for coffee tables (well, nearly!). The couch was an ugly tweed, and was so itchy to sit on!  We should’ve just handed each guest one of those back scratching tools when they walked in the front the door, knowing they would soon need it!  The kitchen was so tiny that if I needed to get into the fridge when we had guests, someone would have to get up out of their chair and step aside so there was room for the opened door. 

The next house we lived in was bigger and was full of promise!  We even had the privilege of getting new living room furniture! A blessing for all – except those that had to sleep on the sofa bed that was secretly safely tucked inside its cushions. 

As the years progressed and the country style was in full swing, nearly every piece of furniture and wall was stenciled.  My husband even declared that he was afraid to stand still too long for fear I’d stencil him!  The colors in the living room were mauve and blue with pink hearts stenciled at the chair rail level.  ~Sigh~ Such tackyness!

Some day I’ll probably look on my current Shabby Chic style and wonder what got into me and made me paint most everything white.  But the truth goes back to the way it all started – we love our home just because it’s the place that we share together. 

If you find yourself frustrated with your decor, just smile at those that gather near you – whether they’re roommates in a dorm room, a girlfriend who shares your apartment or your husband sitting with you on that ugly couch, and remind yourself of that old, but very true statement – 

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.” 

Keep loving.  Keep dreaming!

From my very lovely parsonage, =)

5 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. Now Denise, the mauve and pink rooms was beautiful and you did it with style; but I gotta admit John always thought the purple and gold bedroom was a little over the top, me I loved it, it was so romantic looking:)The room I always loved the most was the hunter green family room that you did at the Parsonage in Cambridge City, so warm and inviting. Your home has always been beautiful no matter what faze you were in. And I've always been amazed at what you can do with a little paint and creativity.


  2. I can't decide if the mallard border in the upstairs bathroom or our the sponge painted blue and gold bathroom in connersville was my favorite 🙂 you are my inspiration for doing the best you can to make a house a home, even if it is just lighting candles!


  3. Whitney what about the sunny yellow kitchen with white cabinets and the sitting room with the blue checkered sofa. It was so welcoming; and lets not forget Allison's room with the white picket looking fence and the painted field of flowers around it. Denise, You have to admit you are one creative woman.


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