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What Does a Homemaker Do All Day?

What is your employment?

I’m a homemaker.


Enter blank stare.

I have had that awkward conversation in the past.
I think it could be easy for women who work outside the home to wonder…

Is there really enough to keep a woman busy homemaking all day long?

It could be easy to assume that a homemaker has lots of down time, time to just sit and do anything she wants! But just as with any assumption, those statements are far from the truth. May I take you through one of my weeks and give you a little glimpse at the busyness and the joy of being a homemaker?

My children are gone from home, but I’m still their mom, and that means I have the blessing of participating in celebrating their birthdays and our family holidays. So that involves cooking, decorating the table, purchasing gifts and being the hostess.

On Saturday and Sunday I was busy with attending Bible study, doing laundry, preparing Sunday’s clothes and dinner, fellowship with friends, and worship on Sunday morning. Then on Sunday evening we traveled to Kentucky to visit my parents and also get to see my aunt and uncle from Florida. I helped my mom prepare the meal for our family, which was a blessing.

When I got home on Tuesday, I had a half bushel of South Carolina peaches waiting for me. I really enjoy canning, and I really love the reward of opening my pantry and seeing these jars on the shelves! It’s a labor of love that we enjoy all year long!

In case you didn’t know, I’m also a Gigi (ha!!)! Each week I have the boys over for Bible Club. This week it was really hot, so they came over to use the pool that we had prayed for when every store was sold out! They had so much fun and so did I! I got to remind them that we had asked God to provide a pool and He did it!! It’s my greatest joy to point their little hearts to the Lord!

Daily it is my joy to prepare meals for me and my husband. I try really hard to provide food that is healthy and delicious. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth it! We love being outside during the warm days, so this lunch was served Al fresco, as are most all of them during the summer months!

Not pictured is the house work- mopping, wiping, dusting, polishing, ironing, sweeping, gardening, straightening, fluffing, decorating, and folding that happens weekly.

Of course I also have a personal life and a ministry life. As a wife, I try to serve my husband (though I feel like he does a whole lot more serving me than I do him! I take time each morning to study God’s Word, to journal and pray. In an effort to stay active, I walk two miles at least three times a week.

I take time sometime during the days to prepare and study for my radio ministry, my blog and any speaking engagements that are coming up. So I do spend a good bit of time at my computer.

It feels like the days are very full, but honestly, so is my heart. My husband worked three jobs early in our ministry life to provide so I could stay home and be the homemaker. He has sacrificed, because he has seen the benefit of my presence in the home. I am so very thankful!

There were times that I have been embarrassed about telling someone what my “employment” was, but I’ve learned over the years that being a homemaker is a high calling. I couldn’t be more fulfilled doing anything else!

What do I do?

I get to be a homemaker!!!!

Do you wish you were a homemaker but have to work out of necessity? Pray. Ask the Lord if He would give you the desire of your heart. Wait and watch what He will do! In the meantime, do what He has called yo to do with a thankful, contented heart.

Are you a homemaker? What do you love most about it? What do you dislike?

Here are some other encouragements about homemaking!

17 thoughts on “What Does a Homemaker Do All Day?

  1. This just really spoke to my heart, thank you so much, Denise. I too am blessed to be a homemaker. These last several months I have never been more thankful, yet more discouraged in my roll. I needed this. ❤


  2. Like Whitney, I’m a homemaker who also works outside the home. Thankfully, my job hours are flexible, and my family is my priority.


    1. I read a quote just this morning that said, We often live by demands instead of priorities, so good for you for keeping your family at the top of your list! I know it’s a struggle when you have a full-time job! My 🎩 is off to you!


  3. Thank you for shining a light on the life of a homemaker. I worked in retail management until my son was born (25 years ago today!). When my 8 week maternity leave was over, I just couldn’t face returning to work and leaving him with anyone. So my husband agreed that it would be better if I stayed at home to raise our baby. Just under four years later, we were blessed with twin girls. (That’s an adventure everyone should experience!)

    My husband has at times worked as many as three jobs to allow me to be at home to raise our children. He’s a deputy sheriff who works in the courtroom every week during divorce and custody cases. He sees juveniles come through the courts over and over again, until he’s dealing with them in adult court. He is the drug court officer for our county and sees first-hand the
    We decided together 25 years ago that having their mother at home to teach and guide them was the best use of my time. And I have never regretted it. But there have been times when I have met people and told them I’m a homemaker, and they react as though I sit at home watching soap operas all day and couldn’t possibly have an intelligent thought in my head.
    Thanks again for sharing this.


    1. Stephanie, It IS a sacrifice to stay home, but as you said, one that is so worth it! What a blessing to be there for your family. I’m sure your children are grateful for your presence in their home as they grew up. No one will love our children the way we will! Thanks for sharing your heart and mission for your family!


  4. I can relate to this. Why didn’t we think of praying for a pool when they were sold out? We should have done that. I prayed for swimming opportunities, which we did receive though.
    Neat that you have a radio ministry!


    1. God cares about the little things – pools AND the blessing of swimming! It’s awesome to recognize His work in our lives!
      The Lord totally opened up the radio ministry – it’s never anything I ever thought of doing. It’s been a hard thing, but a blessing!

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  5. This is a topic that is dear to my heart. I was blessed to be an at-home mom when our children were at home. Now all of our children are adults with families of their own, and none of them live close by (sad when you have as many grandchildren as we do! But they are serving the Lord in ministries across the country.) Now I am working full-time as well as a homemaker for my husband and I. My husband is a former pastor who is no longer pastoring and has some health concerns, but we have no retirement due to all our years being spent in ministry. I would love to not be working full-time, but I have a very good job that the Lord definitely gave to me, so I know I am where He wants me for now. I believe the most important thing is to trust the Lord and learn contentment where you are. It is very easy to compare my life with others (like yours) and wish things were different. God has each of us on a different path. And I’ve learned comparison kills contentment.

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    1. “Comparison kills contentment” – how true that is. We also don’t know all the facts about one another, and everyone deals with hard situations. It’s easy to think the other person has it made or has the best life, but all we have to do is look at the examples in Scripture to learn that is so wrong. I admire and take off my hat to all those that work and come home to all the responsibilities at home. I know it’s hard, but I also know the Lord will give grace and wisdom to know what to let go of. I will pray for you, Kathi. Thanks for sharing your heart.


  6. My husband and I like to say that I am a domestic engineer. We get a lot of different responses. 😂 But over the years I have felt that embarrassed feeling as well but now I understand that is the enemy. I am right where the Lord wants me doing what he created me to do and I love making our home a place where we enjoy being! Thank you for being faithful with your blogs


    1. I love your answer and your perspective on your place in the home! It’s such a blessing to be that homemaker. It’s a high calling!
      Thank you for reading my posts and encouraging me!


  7. This is inspiring and a timely read for me. I’ve been a homemaker but only recently stepped away from part time/freelance endeavors. I’m kind of overwhelmed sometimes. And not even with the work because it’s all lightweight; but the metal load— it requires getting Bread from The Most High daily just to do the simplest tasks. One of the most embarrassing parts is definitely having my role demanded by extended family, particularly other women. But my all time favorite part about it is having time and energy to give my husband the best of me! His joy when I give him the best I have is so fulfilling! A true blessing

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