A Peek Inside the Parsonage

“Dear Jesus, Help my mommy as she works around the house, and help my daddy as he sits and reads the newspaper.”

That was our daughter’s prayer when she was about three years-old.  Funny stuff comes from our children’s mouths, doesn’t it?  After that little prayer was uttered, I went to the calendar hanging on Allison’s bedroom wall and wrote it down on the date it happened. Though I thought I could never have forgotten her funny words, I’m sure I would have.

A calendar was my simple way of keeping record of the things that happened in our girls’ lives when they were young.  We love pulling those out now and laughing as we remember their silly antics, the day they were saved, or the funny things they said. 

Don’t trust your memory; find a way to record special events – big and little – in your family’s day to day routine.  They will one day be gems in your heart.

What do you do to record memories of things you don’t want to forget?

From my parsonage window,

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