Freshen Up Friday

Here is a great product that every woman should have in her dresser drawer…Lingerie Tape.  It’s used to hold clothing in place so there won’t be embarrassing reveals.  I first saw this product when I was coordinating a wedding.  A bridesmaid came with a roll of it to keep straps hidden and neckline secure.  It works great and is invisible. 

Gaping necklines or tank top straps can be made secure with just a couple inches of tape tucked under your clothing.  The tape is double-sided, so after pulling off the amount you need, place the sticky side on your skin under the garment, then pull off the white layer revealing the other sticky side of the tape.  Press the clothing onto the tape and voila’! 

Because my top had narrow sleeves, I added a piece of tape just below each shoulder.  It held it in place beautifully.  Summer outfits need this product!

This stuff is great and makes an outfit modest without having to constantly be fooling with it to keep it where it ought to be.  I found it on Amazon for $6.  Freshen up your wardrobe (and your modesty) and invest in a roll.  It will make a believer out of you!

Be refreshed,

2 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. This was a surprise! I thought you were already on the follower list! Well, welcome aboard, my dear! To show my appreciation you will receive a spring package on Monday! Okay, I was going to send it anyway, but I'll tuck in a RefreshHer gift too!


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