Freshen Up Friday

Now that the warm weather is here it’s time to freshen up your look for summer!  If you choose not to wear hose with a skirt, you need to do something about those winter white legs!  You might opt for a safe alternative to tanning by the sun, such as one of these sunless tanners.  These products have come a long way from the 70’s when they turned your skin a lovely shade of orange!  These look very natural and cover very quickly.
I’ve used the Coppertone lotion for about three years and really like it. ** A little tip:  I have to make sure that I haven’t shaved my legs until after applying lotion, though.  If I put the lotion on after I’ve shaved my legs, I break out in a very itchy rash!  Ahhh!  But if I  wait until after the lotion is dried I’m fine.
I like that this bottle has a pump.  It makes it easy to apply.
My sister uses the Jergens lotion and really likes it – so here’s another option.
Now move on to your feet:
Those cute little sandals and open-toed shoes are going to look a lot better if you give your feet some attention.  Last weekend at our Sister’s Retreat we did dry pedicures using Mary Kay products – an exfoliant and then lotion.  Our feet were so soft afterwards! 
Follow with a coat of nail polish.
Think about freshening up your fingernails:
Fresh, pretty spring nail polish colors will brighten up even nails that aren’t the best looking as far as length goes.  After our pedicures last weekend, we did our fingernails with Revlon nail polish.  This stuff really stays on nicely!  The shades we used were:
Passionate Pink
Wild Strawberry
They are both very “Spring-y” colors!
We all need a little pampering.  Freshen up your look, and you’ll be surprised how much it refreshes your spirits too!
See you in church Sunday!
Be refreshed,

2 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Denise, thanks for the great tip. I'm going to try the lotion. Just refreshed my nails last night “Check me out Pink” from Loreal. It's bright and pretty and stays on really well. I use a top coat and base coat clear polish and that helps it stay on all week with just a few touch ups once or twice during the week. Really enjoyed our visit in PF last week. Had a great 25th Anniversary get away. Loved seeing you guys, but most of all loved having my husband to myself for a week. I truly look forward to reading your blog everyday. You offer not only great tips, but Godly advice and help me stay on the right path with my eyes focused on the Lord. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog. Love you girl.


  2. Thanks for reading, Becky. You are an encouragement to me! It was great to be with you and John. Thanks for sharing your time together with us! Love you, too!


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