A Peek Inside the Parsonage

The boyfriend is in town!  Specifically, he’s in our house this week.  “The boyfriend” is Alli’s fella – a fine young man with plenty of good manners, godly character and servant’s spirit to make it a delight to have him here.  His mom and dad should be really proud. 

With having a boy in the house, there’s been some yummy meals fixed by Alli, specifically for him.  My husband and I are just glad to get in on those delicious feasts!  Her college major – Family Consumer Sciences –  is truly paying off!  =)

Monday night Alli cooked most of the supper meal.  The aromas coming from the kitchen during her preparation were enough to make strangers stop in and ask to eat with us!  I sat in the living room enjoying not only the fragrances wafting through the house, but also the opportunity to relax! 
She made:

I made a Green Bean Salad to accompany the meal
The meal was “terrific!”  The best part was enjoying the fruits of Alli’s labors!  She’s spending her summer here in Johnson City, so I’m looking forward to having a chef in my house! 
You need to try her recipes!  Wow!  They were super good!

If you’re in or approaching the time when your children are dating, let me tell you that this is a great time.  I’m thankful my girls want(ed) to bring their dates here to our home.  We’ve had great times getting to know the guys, of course sharing meals, but also playing games as a family, or going out together.  What better way to get to know them than to have them in your home?  This time will pass quickly, so we want to enjoy it and always have an open door policy – and tons of fun in the process!

Love is in the air in the parsonage! =)

From my parsonage windows,

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