Freshen Up Friday

I can’t think of too many things that need freshening up any more than LAUNDRY TIME.  Whew!

Washing, folding and ironing take lots of time, doesn’t it?  It’s truly a necessity, so why not do something to make it a little more interesting and even fun?!  Recently I was watching a show on PBS where they said that old televisions can really destroy the looks of a pretty room, so they suggested taking the old set and putting it in the garage in the work area.  Well, I don’t have a garage, so I found another place!

I got the bright idea to put that old set in the laundry room on my laundry folding table. I have an old set that has a video player in it and I have lots of shows like I Love Lucy and Little House on the Prairie that we recorded years ago, so there’s no worry that it isn’t hooked up to cable. When I go down to iron or fold a load, I enjoy watching even part of an episode of a recorded show.  Yeah, it has definitely refreshed my laundry room and my time spent down there!

If you don’t have an old set, keep your eye out while the yard sales are in high gear and grab one for a few dollars and watch how fun laundry time becomes!  If you don’t have videos or DVDs to play, you can always borrow some at my favorite place – the library!

Be refreshed,

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