Family Spats and Getting Back

When I was raising my girls, I was always seeking ways to bring the Scripture into their daily lives.  I wanted them to see for themselves how applicational the Word of God is to everything we experience.  One tool that I used to accomplish that was kind of a “cheat sheet” of Bible verses.  The verses touched on sins that needed to be addressed when they happened – disobedience, lying,  rebellion, etc.  I also tried to look for examples in the Bible to help the girls understand how to handle problems.

Recently, I was reading a passage in  Numbers 12  that I wished I had shared when the girls were young and at each other’s throats fussing.   This is when Miriam and Aaron spoke out against their brother, Moses.  They basically snubbed their noses at the fact that he was the one in charge and they were not!  It never tells us that Moses raked them over the coals for their behaviour, rather, it was God who stepped in and God did not see it as a light thing.  Miriam was struck with leprosy (she received the harsh consequences instead of Aaron, I believe, because Aaron had a repentant heart). 

A couple of really good lessons are here:

  • God doesn’t like it when families are at odds.  His desire is that we get along and glorify Him in our relationships.
  • God can step into family problems.  We don’t need to take up issues with brother or sister (or for that matter mother or father-in-law, daughter or son-in-law, or our husband!).  We should be meek like Moses and let God decide who needs correcting and how.  This is a great truth to teach to children who have siblings.  Of course, you may snicker when you hear them praying for God to give their sister leprosy!  But the truth is here – we don’t need to step in.  God, Who hears everything,  can handle disagreements in our family.
  • Another good truth is that when we have a repentant heart, it is also seen by God.  God wants us to glorify Him and have a relationship with Him.  His objective isn’t to simply “let us have it.”  Teach your children to have a tender heart when they sin; to confess it and make it right as soon as possible.  It doesn’t mean there won’t be discipline, but it might be less if they confess and forsake it. 

I’m thankful that God’s Word has the answer for each situation we face – as children or adults.  The principles are there for us to obey.  God is the same as He was in Moses’ day and He will handle those difficult situations, and he will give us wisdom to guide our children through them as well.

Oh dear, what’s that little white spot on my arm…(I love my sisters!  I really, truly do!) Oh, it’s just dry skin.  Whew. 

How do you deal with fussing between siblings?

With love,

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