Family Spats and Getting Back

Here’s a post from the past you might find encouraging if you have more than one child in your house!


When I was raising my girls, I was always seeking ways to bring the Scripture into their daily lives.  I wanted them to see for themselves how applicational the Word of God is to everything we experience.  One tool that I used to accomplish that was kind of a “cheat sheet” of Bible verses.  The verses touched on sins that needed to be addressed when they happened – disobedience, lying,  rebellion, etc.  I also tried to look for examples in the Bible to help the girls understand how to handle problems.

Recently, I was reading a passage in  Numbers 12  that I wished I had shared when the girls were young and at each other’s throats fussing.   This is when Miriam and Aaron spoke out against their brother, Moses.  They basically snubbed their noses at the fact that he was the one in charge and they were not!  It never tells us that Moses raked them…

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