Inside the Sabbatical

Hi Friends!  I am writing a little post to say we’re having a great first week while doing this thing they call resting.  It’s a foreign word to most ministry families.  Days are typically long and full, weekends longer and even fuller, but the joy runs higher than them all.  However, there comes a time when everyone (and I mean everyone – even the folks in the pews) need to stop and rest.

We feel so very loved by our church that they would notice our fatigue and desire to do something to refresh us, something that is so unknown to our circles, like sabbaticals are.  Have you wondered what we’re doing?  What a sabbatical looks like close up?  Let me give you a peek.

My sister sent a text yesterday that said,

Praying that this sabbatical will be a refreshing and restful time for you!

I answered,

It’s been a huge blessing already!

Then her reply –

That’s saying something for only 2 days!

I thought much about that last statement.  Was I jumping the gun?  No.  When you are under pressure and the pressure is released, you notice it immediately.  Let me illustrate –

On Monday, the first day of Sabbatical, I went to a previously scheduled dentist appointment (horrible timing, right?!).  It was just for a cleaning, so it wasn’t too bad.  However, when the hygienist got to the bottom front teeth where I typically have a tough time keeping free from plaque build-up, she began her  chiseling  cleaning. Pressure! I definitely noticed when she completed her task and stopped the pressure on my teeth!  So, too, with our responsibilities lifted for these 31 days, the pressure is released, and it is a huge blessing!

Here are a some pictures of how we’ve spent our days:

back porch
Home is our favorite place to rest – specifically on the back porch.  It’s quiet, peaceful, beautiful and secluded.

Uninterrupted Quiet time has been a blessing – reading Scripture and praying has been a rich.  My kitty, Liza just happens to love to pray with me.  When she hears me (I pray out loud), she comes and stays near.


There are specific words that the Lord has given each day this week.  Not prophetic kinds of words, but labels.  The first was:


The second was

Still waters.

I’m marking these words in a journal, careful to seek God’s face and hear His heart for these days inside the Sabbatical.

This post will be continued tomorrow.  I’ll have pictures of a couple places we’ve been.  I hope you’ll check back in!

With love and a rested heart,

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4 thoughts on “Inside the Sabbatical

  1. Such a blessing to read about your time, Denise! I would be doing the same thing — immersing myself in God’s Word and taking extra time in prayer. So sweet that your kitty hears you praying and comes to join you. Thanks for sharing what you are doing; that is such an encouragement.

    Last Sunday we had a young man speak (as you may remember our pastor has retired and we are deep into the search process) who is serving as a counselor this summer at the Wilds of New England. He had some of our church teens in his cabin and one of the things he shared in his afternoon message had to do with how we can continue the “camp” experience at home. I doubt this is original with him, but it was a blessing to me and others — things we can do at home to keep that “camp” feeling — things like immersing ourselves in Scripture, eliminating distractions, and surrounding ourselves with godly influences. That was a blessing to me because more than anything I just want a retreat right now (and I will have one in September, Lord willing) and those are things I can do right now to encourage myself at home!


    1. Thanks so much for sharing this; we can all have a retreat in one way or another. It’s so needful for each of us to get alone with the Lord. I love the suggestions given at your service!


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