Inside the Sabbatical – 2

Have you ever driven past a beautiful place, like the Biltmore mansion, but not been inside?  You don’t really know what it looks like because of that.  I’m bringing you along with us on Sabbatical so you can see for yourself what it looks like.

We’ve not hurried anything in the mornings.  Getting up without an alarm is a treat.  Time in the Word and prayer is lingered over like a gourmet meal.  It’s the richest time of the day.

Each day  we’ve ventured out a little, but stayed pretty close to home.  Here was one beautiful adventure:

sabbatical 1
We drove up to Roan Mt. near us to purchase fresh SC peaches and to go to a favorite lake for the afternoon.  We read, talked, and rested.
This is the shelter at the lake.  Everywhere you turn there is beauty.  The quiet at the lake was as welcomed as the beauty.  It was the perfect place to really listen to the Lord’s voice.

I “just happened” to pick up a book by Elizabeth George – Quiet Confidence for a Woman’s Heart on the clearance table a week ago.  The chapter I read at the lake just happened to be on Psalm 23:2 – He leads me beside the still waters.  Where was I reading it?  At this beautiful lake.  How good is my God?


This book has been a sweet refreshment as she takes us into the life of the Shepherd and His sheep through the means of Psalm 23.

Time to read.  Slow down.  Pray.  Journal.  Rest.  Talk.  All inside the Sabbatical.

With love,

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