Freshen Up Friday

Tomorrow is September the first.  Wow.  I think it’s time to do a little prep to get ready for fall, which will officially be here in 22 days!  I found this picture

Pinned Image

and loved it for the ideas of a color scheme for fall.  Why not peek around you and see if you can find things you already have that fit into that color palette?  Tuck those colors together on a mantle, book shelf, or cabinet for a beautiful entry of fall in your home.  Some other ideas…

  • Create a tablescape with those colors.
  • A front door wreath 
  • Gather those colors for an arrangement of mums and flowers on your front porch
  • Use those colors when picking out fall wardrobe pieces such as scarves, a necklace or a cardigan
  • How about that top color as a nail polish or lipstick? The other colors are pefect for eyeshadows! I’m thinking so!

Fall will be here soon.  Freshen up your home or your wardrobe and incorporate some of these beautiful color tones!

What do you love most about fall?

Be refreshed,

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