Thrifty Thursday: Little by Little!

This is the third post in this series. If you haven’t read the first two posts, you can read them here and here.

Monday night I was so excited to see this on the bottom of my Ingles receipt – Year to date savings: $1,001.75! 

I know that number isn’t the exact amount I have saved by using coupons and shopping sale cycles, but it’s still really cool. I didn’t save $1,000.00 in one month – that’s almost nine months of carefully planning my shopping trips, using coupons and shopping the sales cycles. When we talk about being thrifty, it’s important to remember that saving money is done little by little. 

Here are some basic ways you can save little by little that will add up to a lot! 

1. Plan your grocery shopping trips.
This one takes work and a little time, but as you saw from my Ingles receipt, it has a great return on investment! There are so many helpful blogs to guide you in your grocery shopping endeavors. My favorite is Southern Savers. I love her free online coupon class. Start there and take it one step at a time. To me, saving on groceries is the easiest and most obvious way to be thrifty!
Chocolate milk is expensive, but my husband loves it. I grabbed this marked down half gallon and turned it into an edible love note!
2. Don’t be wasteful!
  • Plan one meal a week as “leftover night” and clean out the fridge!
  • Use Pinterest to find new ways to mix and match your wardrobe instead of buying something new.
  • Encourage your family to only put what they will eat on their plate.
  • When eating out, share an entree with your husband, child or friend. You know there’s plenty for two in most restaurant entrees!
  • “Shop your house” when redecorating a space. 
  • Freeze leftover soups, canned tomatoes or sauces when a recipe only uses half of the can.
  • Slice your bakery bread and freeze the bag of bread after the first day you use it. French bread molds so quickly! (Make sure you slice it before you freeze it…slicing frozen bread is nearly impossible. Trust me.)
3. Practice restraint. (Proverbs 25:28)
This goes both ways – both in overspending and in over-thrifting (not really a word, I know…). You can’t save money by buying 500 jars of mayonnaise at it’s lowest price any more than you can by impulse buying without a shopping list.  
If you’re not a thrifty person, you’ve got to try it! Who doesn’t love saving money? If you are a thrifty person, be encouraged! Little savings add up to a lot of savings!

3 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Little by Little!

  1. Ditto, ditto, Whitney! I promptly took my French bread out and sliced it, then popped it into the freezer, thanks to you. Why didn't I think of that before? Smart cookie!


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