A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Wow.  The parson’s recovery time has been a time of tears and laughter.  When you love someone it’s hard to see them suffer, isn’t it? 

Though I had great ambitions as a child to be a nurse, I learned (thankfully before I did any damage to anyone) that I just felt sorry for people that were sick.  I don’t not possess the qualities to help them.  So, the first few times of putting the 10 drops a day in his operated eye, I’d pray, administer drops, then go and cry.  That eye just looks so bad, so painful and weak.  It made me sad for him.

Then there is the balance of the laughter caused by another nursing duty – covering his eye at night with a clear plastic shield.  I really don’t try to be like Lucille Ball with these things, but honestly, one night the piece of tape I cut to attach the shield was so long I literally taped his head down to the pillow!  My husband’s comment was, “Yeah, someone’s going to ask, ‘What’s that hanging on the end of the tape?’ ‘Oh, that’s lint from under the bed!’  Sadly, it’s not far from the truth.  I guess I was just afraid it would fall off!  Each night I’m getting better, but we’ve had some hysterical (and needed) laughs at my lack of nursing skills! 

So, I’ll never have a nursing career!  That’s okay.  I’m good with just being the parson’s wife!

From my parsonage windows,

4 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. Oh, Denise, I.m so sorry you and Dale are having to go through this… and so glad for the laughs and for the skills you DO have,,, tho not of a nurse.

    I love you and know better how to pray for you. Please tell Dale I pray for swift healing of his eye~ Debby


  2. I totally feel your pain…no pun intended…er, well, maybe a little. My son Carson just had a horrendous dirt bike wreck…into a barbed wire fence (still thanking God for keeping him from more serious injuries). We were on vacation all week and I played nurse (thanking God as well that he did not call me into that profession). Lots of bandages on his face, arm and leg including stitches above his eye…plus administering medicine for pain killers and antibiotics…Eww…I don't care for the nursing profession..
    Hope your husband recovers quickly…and that you have a profitable ladies weekend. So sorry I can't be there.


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