Thrifty Thursday: More Thrifty Tips

This is the fourth post in this series. If you haven’t read them, here are the first three posts: 

Thanks for hanging in there with all my thrifty soapboxing! Today I’m bringing you time and money saving tips, all in the same post….It’s like using a coupon on top of a sale! =)
Here’s a meal I served recently:
Picture from WomensDay.com
Steamfresh Vegetable Medley: Snow peas and red potatoes
Chunky Peach Applesauce 
Hot dog buns spread with butter and broiled in the oven
(keepin’ it real, folks! I was out of regular bread and my man doesn’t eat supper without bread)

This meal is a great example of how to save time and money while feeding your family! Here are three tips that come to my mind:

1. Do Prep Work Ahead of Time

This is how restaurants do it – they make your meal from thawed chicken, chopped vegetables and marinated meat!
  • Brown all three pounds of hamburger from the package, instead of just the pound you need for that night’s meal. Put the other two pounds (about 2 cups each) into ziploc bags. The night before you’re having another ground beef meal, put the frozen hamburger in the fridge to thaw overnight.  
  • Same idea for the chicken used in this particular meal: buy bone-in chicken breasts at .98/lb. Remove the skin and filet the breasts to whatever size you want. These get frozen in ziploc bags, labeled with a sharpie, and added to your freezer organization chart. These thrifty packages also defrost overnight in the fridge and are so convenient! 
  • When you get home from the store, wash and chop vegetables before you put them away. I’m always glad to have chopped vegetables for salads or even for my husband’s lunch box! 
2. Plan Weekly Menus

I’ve blogged about menu planning, my mom has blogged about menu planning. So instead of  me being repetitive, just go read those posts, k? =)

If you’re looking for a new recipe or two, try Pinterest! Here’s my recipe board (disclaimer: my meals aren’t always super healthy…)

3. Make it pretty!
I served the applesauce – not a fancy or a complicated side dish – in my lovely green dessert glasses. It looked so much better than a glob of applesauce on our plates would have! A simple meal served on pretty dishes definitely tastes glamorous.

Doesn’t this look yummy?

Have a great [and thrifty] Thursday!


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